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Beaverton Kitchen and Outdoor Remodel


This Beaverton home featured a small kitchen with a dining room that was underutilized, along with insufficient space overall for entertaining.

The homeowners wanted to open up their kitchen and living space and look at ways to integrate the outdoor space into their remodel.


The original layout had a wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, but even removing it was going to leave the homeowners with a kitchen space too small to meet their needs.

Plus, there was little outdoor entertaining space for friends and family. They simply needed more room than their home was giving them.


Not only did we remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room and turn the new space entirely into a kitchen, we also did a kitchen addition to give the homeowners even more room to cook and entertain. Plus, we included premier design elements such as a full height backsplash, a stainless steel apron front sink, and contrasting cabinet tones.

Finally, we constructed an outdoor deck and cover to give the homeowners more space to entertain.

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