Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen backsplashes are as stunning as they are useful—adding an eye-catching design element while protecting the walls. But with so many design options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some modern kitchen backsplash ideas to help inspire you.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: colorful mosaic

Selecting the right backsplash for your kitchen can be daunting. Not only are there seemingly endless choices, the backsplash ultimately needs to work well with the overall design of your kitchen—and meet your needs. Here a just a few key considerations:

The Grout debate

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: grout lines

Some homeowners request backsplashes with little or no grout lines because they worry about keeping them clean. Mosaics and smaller tile on the other hand require more grout. If the grout lines are visible, do you want them to integrate with tile color, or do you want it to contrast? The number of grout colors can seem almost as endless as the tile choices!

Backsplash height

Most backsplashes are installed from the countertop to the base of the wall cabinets.  Where there are no wall cabinets, we are seeing more and more homeowners opt to have the tile continue up to the ceiling for more continuity and drama.  But if your ceilings are very tall, that can be overkill.  Ending the tile in line with the top of the wall cabinets is a great way to finish the backsplash.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: tile high on walls
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Should it match the countertop?

With the addition of more and more countertop choices, the range of backsplash designs has expanded as well.  Some backsplashes match the tone of the countertop and/or cabinets while others contrast with bold colors and patterns. You’ll need to determine which style matches your aesthetic and that of your overall kitchen?

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Deciding on the biggest key issues can better inform your design choices. Here are a few modern kitchen backsplash ideas to help get you started.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Updated Subway tile

Classic subway tiles are still a popular choice in many kitchens, but it’s also evolved to fit into numerous design styles. No longer limited to the white 3×6 ceramic tiles of yore, now there are many more options from which to choose. 

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: glazed colorful tile
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With modern and industrial farmhouse trends, we are seeing a lot of glazed brick, in numerous of colors. If you have a lighter kitchen color palette, choosing this style of tile in a darker shade can provide a sophisticated contrast.

Wider tiles are also becoming increasingly popular. With their larger, bolder surface, they can help give kitchens a more contemporary look.

hand crafted white tile kitchen backsplash
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Hand-crafted tile (and tile that looks hand-crafted) can also make for a gorgeous backsplash. Adding a darker grout can produce a rustic feel.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: large vertical tiles
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Looking for a non-traditional tile in both size and color? This is 3×12 glazed ceramic tile comes in a saturated blue and installed in a vertical offset pattern. Not only is this style a modern kitchen backsplash option, it also makes a bold statement.

playful kitchen backsplash
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And if something more playful is what you had in mind, try a hand-crafted tile with a fun pattern which you can arrange any way you like.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Pattern and texture

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: raised pattern
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If you’re looking to go beyond subway tile, you’ve got a lot of options. A diamond or square shape set at an angle is simple and elegant, and mixing it up with a backsplash material that has some raised pattern can provide a nice one-two style punch.

budgeting for a kitchen remodel: backsplash

Strong, bold patterns can be had in all types of materials and shapes. Not only does it create a stunning focal point, it also can lend an air of confidence to your kitchen space, as in the case with this stunning gray on gray pattern.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: different tile materials
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Mixing different backsplash styles and materials is also becoming popular. To truly add some flair to your kitchen, consider a tile accent wall behind the range hood contrasted with subway tile in the rest of the space.

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And if you find that subway tile is your thing after all, but you want to take it to the next level, try using them adorned with sketchy patterns and designs. They can make a great kitchen conversation stater!

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Solid backsplash

solid slab kitchen backsplash
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For a truly seamless and elegant look, a solid slab of marble or quartz may be the perfect solution. The large, grout-free surface area makes for a sophisticated, timeless look.

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If your budget doesn’t allow for a full, separate slab backsplash, you may be able to borrow from your kitchen countertop material. Using even a portion as an accent feature behind the hood can really tie the kitchen space together.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Beadboard

If tile isn’t at all your style, consider beadboard. A beadboard backsplash can help create a warm and cozy kitchen. The right material and finishing can result in a stunning backsplash that holds up beautifully.  

modern kitchen backsplash ideas: beadboard