7 Awesome Modern Home Bar Ideas

If you enjoy a cocktail or two but don’t necessarily love the full bar scene, create a cozy bar space in your home with just a few upgrades. Whether you have a lot of room or just a little, here are 7 awesome modern home bar ideas to help you devise the perfect entertaining area.

Butler’s pantry bar

modern home bar: butlers pantry bar
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Usually serving as a transitional space between the kitchen and a dining space, butler’s pantries are all the rage these days. They can be used to store dishes, prep food, or simply act as additional counter space. But they can also make for a great home bar. An under-counter wine fridge can get you started. Adding a sink can make your bar even more functional. Then the surrounding cabinetry can be used to store your favorite spirits and barware. Consider using floating shelves for those bottles and glasses or using glass-fronted cabinets to give the space even more of a bar feel. Some extra lighting elements to spotlight the area can help tie everything together.

Nook bar area

bar nook
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Don’t have a butler’s pantry? No problem. Carving out a nook in your kitchen or a sitting room can serve as the perfect modern home bar. You don’t need a lot of space — just enough room for a bar cart, a small table, and a couple of chairs. This simple configuration can turn a corner of your home into a whimsical bar or cafe-like setting. It can be great spot for when you’d like to grab a cocktail, but don’t quite feel like leaving your home.

Suspended wall bar

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Tight on space but still want a home bar area? Try a suspended bar. A couple of floating shelves, cabinets that open down, and a small seating area can turn a few feet of wall space into a cozy bar area. When it’s after last call, simply fold up the cabinet and store the bar away. Hook up a smart home speaker nearby and you’re ready to get the party started.

Wine bar and storage

modern home bar: wine bar and fridge
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If you enjoy wine more than cocktails, but don’t have the space for a wine cellar, you can still create a wine bar feel with a few simple design and storage ideas. If you have an existing butler’s pantry, you can complement it by adding tall wine racks and creating a mini wine nook. A dedicated wine storage cabinet can also be the perfect centerpiece for a home wine bar. Use it to store bottles, glasses, and accessories. Adding an adjacent wine fridge can complement this modern home bar space and keep your wines at the perfect temperature.

Standalone bar cart

recycled home bar cart
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Why go to the bar when you can let it come to you? A free-standing bar cart is a great solution if you like to entertain in various parts of your home. It’s also eco-friendly, as old pieces of furniture can easily be converted into your mobile bar. A desk, dresser, or even a small bookshelf will do. Customize it to suit the vibe you’re going for by repainting it, maybe adding glass fronted doors, or distressing it. The key feature is to add some casters to the bottom so it can be rolled from one room to another. Of course, you can also buy a pre-made, dedicated bar cart if that’s more your taste.

Full home bar

modern home bar ideas: small bar with sign and two chairs
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This option requires the most dedicated space, but if there’s a room in your home that you’re not using very much or you have some extra space in your basement, you can really let your creative juices flow. You can go the sports bar route with some memorabilia from your favorite teams. Some club chairs and dark wood can give your bar a more sophisticated feel. Or some simple wood accents can frame the space. And if you prefer something more casual, a casual bar with shelving and a few high chairs can do the trick. These days, you can purchase pre-made bars in a variety of styles, making set up a snap.

Breakfast bar

modern home bar ideas: breakfast bar with nitro coffee machine

Not all home bars need to center around alcohol. Turn an area in your kitchen into a breakfast bar, complete with a nitro coffee machine. These clever devices look like kegerator taps, but serve up smooth coffee instead. If you enjoy a good cold brew coffee that packs a caffeine punch, then this may be for you. Complete the breakfast bar with some nearby seating and you’re ready to start your day.

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