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Kitchen Design Ideas: Angled Power Strips

Having enough outlets in your kitchen is critical, especially if you do a lot of cooking. But a highly visible outlet stuck on the side of a beautiful island or backsplash can be an eyesore. Here are 3 clever ways to use angled power strips to satisfy your kitchen’s form and function.

Outlet placements in the kitchen have a couple of key purposes. One is practicality. You want to have enough outlets conveniently placed so you’re able to easily use all the appliances and gadgets that you need.

The other is aesthetics. Chances are you’ve seen a beautiful statement kitchen island… with a contrasting-colored outlet tacked right on to the side of it. 😐

white outlet on dark kitchen island

Ways to use angled power strips

Angled power strips and some good kitchen design can make your space usable as well as beautiful. We use 3 kinds of angled power strips to get outlets exactly where clients want them, and to provide the most functionality.

1. Compact angled power strip

angled power strips under counter
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The first is the compact angled power strip. These are ideal for placing right under the countertops on kitchen islands. The outlets themselves stay hidden, but they provide easy access for all of your kitchen tools and electronics, especially if you’re using an appliance with a short cord. They also come in a few different colors if you want to match them to your countertops.

2. Under cabinet angled power strips

Another type that we’ll often recommend is an angled power strip that is combined with your under-cabinet lighting.

angled power strips under cabinet

These are very convenient because wherever you’re working along the cabinets, you have ready access to a series of outlets. This configuration can be great for a counter breakfast area with a coffee machine, toaster, and blender side-by-side for example.

Plus, this solution removes any outlets from the backsplash, so you don’t need to worry about marring a pristine quartz or tile backsplash with any unsightly electrical outlets.

3. Corner angled power strip

The third common type of power strip that we’ll use is a larger one, mainly for areas like corners. These strips can contain features beyond just the outlets, like USB plugs or switches to make them even more functional.

These work especially well with light, bright kitchen, as a light-colored corner power strip can sort of disappear among the overall palette of the kitchen. They can also be ideal inside cabinets, if you really want the outlets out of the way.

angled power strips in kitchen corner

Are you planning a kitchen remodel and aren’t sure where to start? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!

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