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Remodel Your Bathroom in 6 Weeks

The cost of your bathroom remodel depends on what you want to change. More complicated projects that involve a lot of alterations to the space tend to be more expensive. Most bathroom remodels fall into one of three types of projects. Read their descriptions to see which one best fits your expectations for your remodel. 







Imagine stepping into a bathroom that radiates a fresh, updated aesthetic. Stylish Simplicity is an ideal match for the homeowner seeking to infuse new life into their space without overwhelming cost or complexities. As our entry-level bathroom tier, you’ll get a full-service bathroom remodel with basic product and material options.

Available in Traditional, Transitional, and Modern styles, this tier is perfect for those who desire a significant yet cost-effective upgrade. Featuring a new shower/tub combo with custom tile surround, a stylish prefabricated vanity, and entry-level plumbing fixtures that balance functionality and cost, Stylish Simplicity is a great choice for homeowners who want quality on a budget.

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Contemporary comfort blends seamlessly with timeless style in our Classic Elegance package. This mid-range option is the perfect solution for homeowners who aim to elevate their bathroom with a touch of class and sophistication. As the middle tier in our bathroom remodeling offerings, Classic Elegance provides a combination of quality and aesthetic appeal while still paying mind to your cost considerations.

Available in a range of styles including Traditional, Transitional, and Modern, the Classic Elegance tier is designed to bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom without breaking the bank. This option features a custom tile shower with a floor pan, a prefabricated vanity, and mid-range plumbing fixtures. These elements are carefully chosen to ensure both functionality and stylistic appeal, making Classic Elegance an excellent choice for those who value quality and design in equal measure.

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Embrace the uxury of our ‘Platinum Oasis’ tier, where your bathroom enters into a realm of unparalleled sophistication and bespoke design. This premium option is tailored for the discerning homeowner who desires nothing but the finest in their personal sanctuary. As the highest tier of our bathroom remodeling services, Platinum Oasis represents the ultimate in luxury and craftsmanship.

In this tier, available in a selection of styles such as Traditional, Transitional, and Modern, every element is chosen to ensure the highest standards of quality and functionality. From a custom tile shower with a hand-laid tile floor pan, custom-built vanity and premium plumbing fixtures, each detail in the Platinum Oasis tier is crafted to create an extraordinary experience. This tier is the perfect choice for those who aspire to create a bathroom that is not just a space but a statement of luxury and personal style.

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What Affects the Cost of Your Bathroom Remodel?

There are several factors that may influence the cost of your bathroom remodel. Here are the 3 most important ones to consider when planning your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lamont Bros.’ process for a bathroom remodel? Expand

As a design-build firm, we work with homeowners to thoroughly plan out their bathroom remodel project before moving them to construction. Check out our Process Page to learn more about the design-build experience.

Can you keep the cost of my bathroom remodel within my budget? Expand

Absolutely. At Lamont Bros., we’re committed to keeping you in charge of the cost of your bathroom remodel. One major benefit of the design-build process is that you’ll know exactly how much your remodel will cost before it ever begins construction.

Do you offer financing for bathroom remodeling? Expand

Although Lamont Bros. does not directly offer financing for bathroom remodels, we do partner with several lenders to provide our clients with a variety of financing options. Whether you need $50,000 or $500,000, we’ll work with you to find a lender who meets your financing needs.

How is Lamont Bros. different from other contractors? Expand

Lamont Bros. is a design-build firm, meaning we offer full-process remodeling services and oversee both the design and construction of a remodel. Design-build firms are but one of many types of contractors available to you.

To ensure that you’re able to hire a contractor who meets all of your bathroom remodeling expectations, check out our 3-Step Guide to Choosing a Remodeling Contractor.

Is a bathroom remodel a good investment? Expand

When designed well and kept to a reasonable budget, a bathroom remodel can be a great investment in the value of your home and the quality of your life while you live there. Market data suggests that a bathroom remodel can add up to 80% of its cost back to the home’s value upon completion.

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