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What is Lamont Bros.’ COVID-19 safety plan?

At Lamont Bros, we believe that you shouldn’t have to risk your family’s health to achieve a great remodel. As your guide through the remodeling process, the team at Lamont Bros takes on the responsibility of implementing a COVID-19 safety plan so you can have peace of mind.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company has had zero recorded cases of workplace transmission. This article will discuss the details of Lamont Bros.’ COVID-19 safety plan during a remodel. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

Lamont Bros.’ Commitment to COVID-19 Safety

When remodeling your home, our build staff takes your health and safety very seriously. As part of our commitment to providing you with the best remodel experience possible, we plan and implement a COVID-19 protection plan specifically designed for each homeowner we work with. Below are some common characteristics of each plan we use.

Follows state and local regulations

One of the first things our build staff at Lamont Bros. considers when developing a COVID-19 safety plan is whether or not it meets legal requirements. While we can and often do implement additional precautions, these measures represent the bare minimum standard of protection we use. With constantly changing CDC guidelines and state mandates, our construction teams have learned to be flexible and adjust their practices accordingly.

Tailored to your needs

A proper dust barrier system helps maintain air quality in the home.

Every client is different. Their remodels look different, their needs look different, and their expectations for COVID safety protocols are different. For this reason, we require every remodel project to have a customized COVID-19 risk assessment and mitigation plan.

Before construction begins, our team considers potential risk factors on each jobsite. This may include foot traffic chokepoints, small work areas, or surfaces likely to be touched often. We’re looking for any place in the work area where COVID transmission could be higher risk. 

Our team then brainstorms potential solutions to avoiding on-site transmission and documents their protocol plan in a form for you, the homeowner, to review. 

Executed with common-sense 

The end goal of COVID-19 prevention measures is to keep risk as low as possible. At Lamont Bros., we are fully committed to doing everything we can to protect our clients’ health during their remodel.

However, it’s important to recognize that the risk of transmission cannot be completely eliminated by following a set of guidelines. As a result, we expect our build teams to be vigilant and use common sense when working on your home. Sometimes, this requires taking extra precautions that aren’t explicitly stated in the protection plan, but simply make logical sense.

For example, last year we worked on a home that had an immunocompromised resident. Because of this person’s condition, our build team wore hazmat suits and gloves while working in their space. Although this wasn’t originally part of the plan, our team took those extra steps because we felt it was the best course of action for that particular client.

What specific measures do we take to protect you from COVID-19?

 When planning and implementing our COVID-19 safety plan, there are several measures we may take. These factors depend largely on the type of remodel, characteristics of the space, and needs of the homeowner. Since we’re coming into your home, we want to be respectful of your house rules and safety concerns.

Employee illness policy

If somebody on our build staff experiences possible COVID-19 symptoms, there are two important steps we take. First, that employee is given time off to quarantine and is not permitted on the jobsite until their symptoms subside. Second, we notify our clients if they may have been exposed so they can take any necessary precautions for themselves. 

If you are exposed to COVID-19 or experience symptoms, we kindly ask that you let us know. That way, we can find ways to protect our staff as we work to complete your remodel. 

Below is a list of symptoms for which we require our employees to stay home:

  • fever or chills
  • cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • muscle or body aches headache
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea

Social distancing

We keep a minimum distance of 6 feet when interacting indoors to reduce the risk of infection during in-person meetings. In some cases, we’ve had clients request that meetings take place outdoors. For those who are especially high-risk or concerned about contracting COVID-19, we can do most of our meetings via phone or video call. 


Lamont Bros.’ company policy is that all employees must wear a face covering when entering a residence, when in any common/shared spaces, and when interacting with a client. If a carpenter or craftsman is in a designated work area and able to maintain a distance of 6 ft. from other workers, they are not required to wear a mask. These expectations also apply to any subcontractor we bring onto a project. 

However, if the homeowner requests that masks be worn at all times on the jobsite, our build teams will honor that request. We do ask that you communicate these expectations before construction begins so there are no surprises for our staff.


During the initial phases of build planning, your build team will take note of any handles, shared tools, and surfaces that are likely to be handled frequently. We put each item on a cleaning schedule to ensure proper sanitation. Some, of these, such as door handles, may be wiped down at the end of each day. Shared tools, on the other hand, will likely get wiped down in between uses. 

Workzone isolation

One of the more complicated elements of our COVID-19 protection protocols is separating the workzone from the rest of your house. 

For indoor remodels, we typically use a plastic zipwall system. This plastic barrier product isolates the workspace from the usable living area, which also helps protect it from dust and debris. 

Whenever possible, we also designated a work door for our team to enter and exit. Separate work and residence doors keep our foot traffic from interfering with your own and help maintain a safe distance between our staff and you. 

If we determine it is necessary or the client is particularly concerned about air quality, we can also place partitions in the vents in the home and use our own air scrubbers. The result is two separate airflow systems, so the air our carpenters breathe and the air your family breathes are separated from one another.


As part of our COVID-19 safety plan, our build teams must plan out what cleaning and sanitation supplies they will need and where they will keep them. A common practice is to keep a box of disposable masks by the door. They might also put a disinfectant spray directly in their toolbox to clean their shared tools.

What is Lamont Bros.’ vaccine policy?

Since the advent of COVID-19 vaccines earlier last year, several clients have asked if we plan to require vaccination for our employees.

In short, the answer to that question is “No.” With zero recorded cases of workplace transmission, we believe our current COVID-19 protection plan is more than adequate as it stands. 

In the past, we’ve had some homeowners request that only vaccinated people work on their remodel. Unfortunately, this isn’t a request we can comply with. Throughout your remodel there will be multiple subcontractors, city inspectors, utility company employees, and other workers that Lamont Bros. does not have direct jurisdiction over and can’t require vaccination. 

Many of the Lamont Bros. team received the COVID-19 vaccine. However, privacy laws prevent us from sharing which team members are and are not. All of the efforts and standards that we have applied on our job sites throughout the pandemic have consistently kept our clients safe, and we continue to utilize them to provide for the safety of employees and clients. 

That said, you have jurisdiction over your property. There may be a way for you to verify vaccine status for people who enter your home. If you choose to go this route, you should let any company you work with know ahead of time. You should also anticipate substantial delays for each company and city inspector to rearrange their staffing schedules throughout the project. 

Have more questions about Lamont Bros.’ COVID-19 safety plan?

Health and safety measures are just a few of the ways our team at Lamont Bros. works to protect you and your home. To learn more about how we prepare a home for a remodel, read our article, “What is a remodel site protection plan?

If you would like to speak directly with one of our professional design consultants about how to best protect your family’s health during a remodel, click the link below to schedule a free video call.