Covid-19 Epidemic Questions

Questions surrounding Covid-19


Updated COVID-19 Protocols

December 2020

At Lamont Bros., we’re continually evaluating our Covid-19 safety measures to make sure we’re doing as much as possible to keep our clients and our team members safe.

Here are some key steps we’re taking on all of our projects:

  • Increased showroom cleaning
  • Fewer in-person design meetings
  • Holding virtual meetings whenever possible
  • In-home client meetings done with proper social distancing and mask-wearing procedures
  • Jobsite-specific Covid-19 mitigation plans
  • Creating very clear separations between remodel areas and living areas on worksites
  • Creating clear entry and exit access points on jobsites
  • Increasing cleaning procedures at worksites
  • Rapid client notification if crew member on a site tests positive
  • Reallocation of resources to keep projects on track

For more information, please watch the related videos on this page.

Covid-19 FAQ

What Happens if Someone Working on My Home Gets Covid-19? Expand

First off, you as the client will be notified right away. Even if you haven’t been in direct contact with the person who was infected, we’re going to communicate with you as soon as possible so you’re aware of the situation.

Next, we’ll try to mobilize other resources so we can continue work on your project, whether it’s in the design or construction phase.

Our overall goal is to keep your project on schedule and to give you back your home as soon as we can.

What does a Covid-19 Social Distancing Plan Look Like on a Remodeling Jobsite? Expand

Here are two jobsite walkthroughs of current projects that we have implemented social distancing plans on:

What does the design process look like during Covid-19? Expand How does Covid-19 Effect the Construction Process? Expand How can I schedule a community benefit design consult that was mentioned in the video? Expand Design Process Step 1 | The Asbuilt Measure Expand

There are two options for an asbuilt measure–a virtual asbuilt for very simple projects and an asbuilt measure that requires a site visit for emergency projects, exterior projects or more complex additions. These videos walk you through both options.

Virtual Asbuilt Measure

Social Distancing Asbuilt Measure