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Top 10 General Contractors for Remodeling in Portland

Finding the right contractor for your remodel can be a difficult task. You want someone who does high-quality work while still maintaining a reasonable budget for the project. In the Portland area, there are plenty of general contractors to choose from when remodeling your home.

At Lamont Bros., we meet hundreds of homeowners every year looking to remodel their homes. As a design-build firm, we recognize that our approach to remodeling isn’t always the best fit for every homeowner. If you fall into this category, we want to connect you with the right remodeler for your needs. For homeowners whose projects are a better fit for a general contractor, our team has a handful of contracting companies in Portland to whom we regularly refer clients. 

In this article, you can read about the top 10 general contractors for remodeling in Portland. After reading, you’ll know more about several top-notch remodeling contractors in the Portland area and their specific strengths. With that information, you’ll be one step closer to finding the right contractor for your remodel. The 10 general contractors in Portland we recommend for remodeling projects are:

1. Advanced Remodel & Construction

Specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and whole-home remodeling, Advanced Remodel & Construction makes our list of best remodeling general contractors in Portland due to its stellar reputation as a reliable, honest remodeler. With 5-star average ratings on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List, Portland homeowners love and trust Advanced Remodeling & Construction. 

Among its strengths, clients note consistent communication throughout the construction process regarding timeline and budget. Owner-operator Jordan Barkhuff emphasizes the company’s focus on client satisfaction. He states on the company website that “a collaborative relationship with clients is the key to completing a project on time, on budget, and with outstanding results.”

2. Brian Schmidt Builder

A residential general contractor that works in both remodeling and new home construction, Brian Schmidt Builder also makes the list of best general contractors in Portland. With a focus on customization and transparency, this general contractor is known for their high-end work in residential construction

One of the main advantages of working with Brian Schmidt Builder is the company’s flexibility with design. You can hire an independent designer to plan the space and then bring those designs to the team at Brian Schmidt. Alternatively, you can also choose to work with one of the company’s architect partners. At the end of your project, you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of your project costs so you know how the money was spent.

3. Olson & Jones Construction

As one of Portland’s larger general contractor companies, Olson & Jones Construction has multiple remodeling teams that work throughout the Portland area. This general contractor excels in project management and preparation. Their preconstruction review process takes extra care to ensure the project is feasible before they begin construction. They also work closely with the homeowner to help them prepare for the remodeling process.

Client reviews of Olson & Jones Construction consistently highlight the regular and respectful communication from project managers. Homeowners also note the company’s dedication to helping homeowners avoid surprises during the construction process by thoroughly reviewing the property and designs beforehand. 

4. Double J Construction

Another great Portland general contractor, Double J Construction is based in Oregon City and performs a wide range of remodeling services. From excavation to finish carpentry, Double J Construction is an extremely versatile contractor with noteworthy client satisfaction. Customer reviews highlight a strong sense of professionalism and an excellent network of subcontractors.

The team at Double J Construction uses a 10-Step Process to renovate their clients’ homes. This process clearly defines how the remodel remodel will progress and what responsibilities the homeowner will have along the way. 

5. Catalyst Construction & Remodeling

The team at Catalyst Construction are well-rounded and experienced craftsmen. They earn their place on the list of best general contractors in Portland because of the company’s excellent quality of work and expertise in construction practices. Customer reviews of Catalyst Construction on Angie’s List indicate that the company not only performs exceptional work but also takes the time to educate its clients and help them understand the work being done in their homes.

Common projects for Catalyst Construction include kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels. They also advertise on their website for additions and accessory dwelling units, as well. As a small remodeling company, another benefit of working with Catalyst Construction is that each project is managed by its head contractor, regardless of size or complexity.

6. Hamish Murray Construction

As a home builder and remodeling contractor, Hamish Murray is defined by its dedication to customization and design flexibility. Their award-winning team has extensive experience in high-end luxury residential construction. With a primary focus on the construction aspect of remodeling, Hamish Murray works closely with independent designers and architects. 

The major advantage of working with Hamish Murray is their customizable approach to remodeling. Because the needs of each homeowner are unique, Hamish Murray tailors each project and its process to keep the client’s needs at the center. They are also licensed through Portland’s Field Issuance Remodel Program. This means you can get permits faster and complete your remodel sooner. 

7. Right Angle Construction

Specializing in historic remodels and high-end new homes, Right Angle Construction is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and bespoke designs. Remodeling homes built more than 40 years ago comes with a unique set of challenges. Right Angle Construction is one of the best general contractors in Portland when it comes to bringing old homes into the 21st Century.

Many homeowners love the charm and character of a historic home but don’t want to sacrifice modern comforts.  If you’re considering a remodel of an old home, you can trust Right Angle Construction to maintain the home’s design integrity while updating it to fit the needs of the 21st-century homeowner. They’ve remodeled dozens of historic homes across the Portland area.

Right Angle Construction excels in renovating historic homes.

8. Hammer and Hand

One of the largest general contractors in the Northwest, Hammer and Hand serves both Portland and Seattle. Described as a “high-craft” contractor, Hammer and Hand is known for its excellent workmanship and innovation in the construction industry. With an emphasis on construction science, their team has won several awards for build quality and energy efficiency. 

A notable benefit of working with the team at Hammer and Hand is their involvement throughout the remodeling process. While many general contractors wait for designs from an architect or designer, Hammer, and Hand’s team takes an active role in the design process. They use their expertise to assist the designers with budgeting and advocate for safety and efficiency in the plans. 

9. Owen Gabbert (Formerly Clarkbuilt)

Owen Gabbert is another large general contractor in Portland that works in both residential and commercial construction. While Owen Gabbert performs all types of home renovations, they are an outstanding option for large-scale remodels that involve major structural changes. Additions, whole-home remodels, and layout reconfiguration projects are the bread and butter of the team at Owen Gabbert. They also have an in-house cabinet shop, making them an excellent option for major kitchen remodels.

When working with Owen Gabbert, you can expect a clear, transparent budgeting process that begins in design. Their team collaborates closely with designers to manage the budget of the project from the beginning rather than waiting for complete designs. This allows you flexibility in the design process and a predictable final cost. During construction, you’ll work with highly experienced construction pros. Their master carpenters have 15+ years of experience in their respective fields. 

10. Green Light Construction

Another highly-rated remodeling contractor, Green Light Construction is a small company capable of taking on big projects. The team at Green Light Construction are experts on the different neighborhoods in Portland and the unique architectural features and history of each. 

Online reviews of Green Light Construction highlight the employees’ courtesy and exceptional knowledge of construction best practices. These reviews also showcase a high level of client satisfaction across many different types of projects, from bathroom remodels to home additions.

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