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Portland Home Additions: Average Costs to Help You Budget

Portland home additions come in a wide range of shapes and sizes — from master suite additions, to bonus rooms, to major projects like adding significant square footage. So how do you know what to budget if you’re considering a home addition? Here are some common home addition examples and average costs to help with your planning.

Average costs for 4 types of home additions

To give an idea of how to start your budget planning, we’re going to look at 4 common types of home additions we do at Lamont Bros., along with their average costs based on prices in the Portland, Oregon area, where we’re located.

Those types are:

  1. Master Suite Addition
  2. General Space Addition (for a spare bedroom for example)
  3. Large-Scale Addition (adding significant square footage)
  4. Kitchen Addition/Remodel

Master Suite Addition

Our first category is the master suite addition. This could involve just adding a small master bathroom onto an existing master bedroom, or it could be a full master bedroom/bathroom suite addition, which might be a much bigger remodel in terms of square footage.

For a minimal addition, like adding a master bathroom, costs will run on average about $115,000-$230,000, depending on size and the quality of fixtures and finishes you’re looking for. Very high-end fixtures can drive the cost up quite a bit.

If you’re thinking about adding a bedroom/bathroom master suite, then the typical cost will be somewhere in the $230,000-$350,000 range. The average is around $290,000, but if you add a lot of expensive features, you can quickly go above that.

General Space Addition

We often work with clients who are just looking to add some extra space to their homes for something like a spare bedroom or home office. These don’t involve adding a bathroom or kitchen, so these additions aren’t complex in that way — the client just needs more room.

If these types of Portland home additions are on the small side, around 300 to 400 square feet, then typically they cost in the $115,000 range. If they’re smaller, the cost may be closer to $90,000; a larger space will likely increase the cost.

portland home additions

If the project involves a two-story addition, like an additional living room space on the main level and a couple of bedrooms above, the costs will range somewhere between $205,000 to $290,000 because they involve a lot more square footage, more framing, and more tying in to the existing structure.

Large Scale Major Additions

If you’re looking to do a major addition, like adding 1,000 square feet to your home, adding several bathrooms or a kitchen and a bathroom, or in some cases even doubling your home’s square footage, then the costs can go up significantly.

These types of additions include a lot of complex planning and construction and a lot of features and finishes. In terms of price range, they typically fall somewhere between $580,000 and $1,160,000 depending on size, materials, and other factors.

Kitchen Additions

Our last Portland home additions category is kitchen additions/remodels. This could be a project that maybe started as a kitchen remodel, but then the client decided that they wanted the space to be bigger. So the project may involve removing walls and extending out the space. Or it could be adding a new space and moving the kitchen into it.

portland home additions

These projects are essentially a new home addition plus a full kitchen remodel. With kitchen remodels, you’ve got a wide range of features and options you can choose from, and we’ve got a separate post on average kitchen remodel costs, but in general these projects typically cost in the $175,000 to $350,000 range.

Take aways

If you’re planning an addition, we hope this gives you a better idea of what Portland home additions can cost on average in the Portland area.

For more Portland home addition ideas and to see some projects we’ve worked on, check out our Additions page.

Are you thinking about doing a home addition and aren’t sure where to start? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!

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