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portland storm damage repair

get expert help for your roof and home damage


The severe weather we sometimes experience here in the Pacific Northwest can often bring high winds, heavy rains, snow, and ice. Unfortunately, that can lead to downed trees and damaged homes.

If you've experienced storm-related property damage, the seasoned builders at Lamont Bros can help quickly restore your home and give you some peace of mind.

Here's how we can help.



When a falling tree of large branch damages your roof, you often need to have an evaluation by an engineer or structural specialist to ensure that it didn't cause long-term damage to your home.

We'll handle the repairs and ensure the roof over your home is once again safe and secure.

Structural repairs

siding repair

Falling trees or other storm damage can result in siding issues, serious window damage, or even a cracked foundation.

We'll repair the problems and make sure your home's structure is sound.


water damage

Water damage from heavy rains can leave basements flooded and lasting issues, such as mold and dry rot.

We'll clean up any flooding, repair and seal problem areas, and check and make any necessary repairs to your foundation to help prevent further water damage in the future.


When it comes to storm damage, we know that it's important to make sure all the issues are identified and the repairs are done right. That's why we take care to assess the damage thoroughly and get to work, so you can get back into your home.

assess structural damage

First, we'll come out to your home to do a complete damage assessment and make sure no hidden damage is missed.

create a plan

Next, we work with you to create a plan to address the damage and ensure your home is solid, now and into the future.

repair & restore

Then our crew gets to work repairing and restoring your home so you can can get back to enjoying it.

What some of our clients say

"I wish I could leave a higher rating than 5 stars! These guys set the bar extremely high in terms of customer service and quality work. Everyone I've worked with at Lamont Bros. is awesome! I will definitely use these guys again!"