Garden Home Partial Kitchen remodel

Garden Home Partial Kitchen Remodel


This kitchen remodel project involved a significant re-designing of the layout and floor plan of the space.

As a partial kitchen remodel, our team at Lamont Bros. performed the rough-in installation of the framing and some fixtures. The homeowner completed the remaining finish work themselves.


The previous kitchen design had several flaws that made it difficult to cook and move through the home. In order to access one end of the home, people had to go through the kitchen.

The refrigerator also created a choke-point by blocking the walkway when the door was open.


The homeowner opted for a more open floor plan to alleviate some of the foot traffic issues. This required removing a wall from the kitchen and re-designing the layout.

The final design features a kitchen with a much larger footprint than the previous one, allowing room to move around and making other areas of the home more accessible. 

project photos

remodel location