12 Luxury Home Remodel Ideas

When you’re considering a home remodel, the must-haves are likely the first things on your list. But it may make sense to splurge on a few things as well. In fact, some high-end upgrades are more affordable than you may think. Here are 12 luxury home remodel ideas to help inspire you.

luxury home remodel ideas: outdoor space

Whether you’re doing a whole home remodel or just focusing on a room or two, adding some of these luxury home ideas to your new space can help create the room you’ve always dreamed about.

1. Leveled-Up Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular spaces in the home to remodel, and for good reason. It can provide more than an 80% return on your investment right away. Some common high end features include top-quality countertop materials like marble or Dekton, as well as top-of-the-line appliances, like a stainless steel 6-burner gas stove.

You can also up-level your cabinets by opting for varying heights, flatter doors for a sleeker more modern look, and multiple tones or colors to help create a sophisticated contrast.

To take it up another notch, consider adding some high-tech functionality to your kitchen with under-counter lighting and a tech command center. These clever and inexpensive kitchen hubs are a great way to de-clutter you space and keep all of your gadgets in one place.

2. Bathroom retreat

The second most popular remodel space in the home is the bathroom. It’s also a heavily used area, so if there’s one room you may want to splurge a bit, the master bathroom is a strong candidate.

If you’re looking for a luxury shower, consider swapping tile for stone slabs of granite or quartz for a seamless look and feel. Expanding the shower’s footprint to allow for a larger enclosure is another option. Higher end finishes within the shower, like multiple shower heads or less common materials, can also add some flair.

Bidets, heated towel racks, and floating vanities can complete the high end look.

3. Sauna

Speaking of the master suite, one upgrade that will set you apart and may provide a host of health benefits is a sauna. Home saunas are relatively easy to install and studies have shown that they can improve blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and skin health.

luxury home remodel ideas: home sauna

If you don’t have room in your master suite, basements and even back yards can make great locations for a home sauna.

4. Outdoor living area

Creating an outdoor living and entertaining area can increase the value of your home and provide additional usable square footage for your family and friends. Ideas include a seamless, covered deck that can open up from the kitchen to the outside, with seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, and even a hot tub.

You can also include heaters and a fireplace for colder weather and ceiling fans or a retractable awning for when the temperatures heat up.

5. Pool

Sticking with the outdoors, a private pool may be the perfect way to make a splash. Whether you prefer something on the smaller side, a lap pool, or one that accommodate a large family or guests, a pool is a great way to add outdoor space and take advantage of warmer weather. To take it a step further, consider adding a pool house where you can store toys, towels, sunscreen and other items for you and visitors.

6. Wine cellar

If you’re a wine lover and want to start storing your own collection, an in-home wine cellar may be the perfect luxury home remodel idea for you. These don’t require a completely new space; an existing basement, garage, or other, cooler room will work.

luxury home remodel ideas: wine cellar

Liven the space up with creative lighting, furniture, and storage for things like glasses, wine accessories, and artwork. If you don’t have the space for a full wine cellar, a simple and cost-effective wine fridge may be just right.

7. Home gym

If you’re into working out or just looking to be more active, a home gym can be the ideal answer. Whether you want to convert a spare bedroom, a garage area, basement, attic, or are considering a separate gym addition, just a few basic pieces of equipment can get you started, such as a treadmill, free weights, resistance bands, or a rowing machine.

luxury home remodel ideas: home gym
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And don’t be afraid to design the space to fit your personality, whether that’s a bolder look, something sleek and industrial, or a space that’s more rustic. Also remember to add some storage for things like workout mats, towels, or water bottles.

8. Home theater

Are you a movie or entertainment buff? Take those binge watching sessions from the living room to a dedicated theater space in your home and get a whole new viewing experience. Of course, you’ll ideally want a windowless space for this set up, but remember to include the right lighting; maybe something that can be dimmed when the show starts, as well as comfy seating like plush couches or recliners. You’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty of insulation and sound proofing.

For a bit of fun, consider adding a popcorn machine and some of your favorite movie and TV show posters to complete the look.

9. Home office

With many people working from home a lot more these days, a home office may be a sensible splurge for your home remodel. You’ll want to consider whether you want to build out with an addition, build up with an extra story or attic conversion, or build down into a basement, but any of those spaces will work well.

Keep in mind things like natural lighting, internet access, ability to close off the area for privacy, and ways to minimize noise.

backyard office
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If you’re looking for a unique way to add a home office, going outside may be the trick. A backyard office not only offers more privacy, it can allow you to create the space to meet your specific office needs. The big consideration here is making sure you have adequate heating and cooling as temperatures change throughout the year.

10. Library

If you like curling up with a good book, and have a book collection you need to store, a home library could be your luxury splurge. Again, a spare bedroom or a den could be converted for this purpose. Apart from the necessary bookshelves, a sliding ladder and a fireplace can complete the cozy look and feel. Of course, comfortable arm chairs and/or couches are a must to help you sink into your next favorite book.

luxury home remodel ideas: home library

11. Heated floors

Walking into your tiled bathroom during the cold winter months can be a real eye opener, especially when your feet hit the frigid flooring. But there is an affordable luxury home remodel solution: heated floors.

Installation is typically done by installing pipes that carry hot water under your floor or by laying cable-laced mats underneath the flooring that warm up via electricity. The result is a cozy feeling under your feet and a more pleasant wake up experience all around.

12. Sophisticated entryway

The first thing you and visitors to your home will see is your entryway, so this may be the ideal area for some luxury home remodel attention. It can start on the exterior with some modern design touches, like a big bold door, some large decorative house numbers, and bright entryway lighting.

On the inside, consider adding storage for coats and shoes, as well as a rug to provide protection for your flooring and for some extra design punch. Statement lighting can also help make the entryway more warm and inviting, as well as show off your unique aesthetic.