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How to Remodel Your Portland Craftsman Home

With their distinctive pitched roofs, covered porches, and exposed rafter tails, Craftsman style homes are loaded with charm. But what if yours needs a bit of refreshing? Here’s how give your Portland Craftsman Home some modern updates while retaining its traditional features.

portland craftsman home exterior

When considering a remodel of your Portland Craftsman home, there are several stylish ways to incorporate modern touches while keeping the existing traditional charm.

Start with the floor plan

Many original craftsman style homes can be compartmentalized, with the kitchen, dining, and living spaces separated. One way to modernize the space is to go with a more open floor plan. This can really improve the flow of your home and increase the natural light.

Woodlawn Custom Home

Opting for wood flooring for the main living spaces rather than carpet can also accentuate the craftsman feel while retaining some of the traditional touches.

Focus on the finishes

Another great place to focus is on finishes. Most craftsman style homes are not only distinctive for what’s on the outside, but also for their unique interior design elements. Accentuating them with your remodel can freshen up your space while highlighting its best existing features.

These may include refinishing or brightening exposed ceiling cross beams to emphasize some of the home’s natural wood aesthetic.

Woodlawn Custom Home

The same holds for the window and doorway casing (the trim around them). Most craftsman homes have distinctive casing looks, which can be updated with a bright white paint or new stain.

portland craftsman home door frames

Make the most of your kitchen

In the kitchen, updating your cabinets with a more traditional look can provide you with more storage, plus give you access to modern features like soft touch closing — while not sacrificing the overall aesthetic. And adding some traditional hardware can really complement the look.

portland craftsman home: cabinets

Going with farmhouse colors like fresh, light blues and greens, as well as other traditional design elements like an apron sink and decorative faucets can also improve function and enhance the craftsman style.

When it comes to appliances, you can really infuse more of a modern look. A stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, and/or stove will make for a nice contrast.

portland craftsman home kitchen


For bathrooms, you can incorporate some craftsman style design touches with easy additions like a mosaic floor tile pattern and some simple, fresh subway tile set in a classic running board pattern.

portland craftsman home: mosaic tile bathroom floor
portland craftsman home: subway tile in bathroom

These are just a few ideas to help you give your Craftsman home an updated look and feel while retaining its unique characteristics — whether you’re looking to do a full remodel or a more simple refresh!

Are you thinking about remodeling your Craftsman style home and aren’t sure where to start? Schedule a conversation with us. We’re happy to discuss your project!

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