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Dry Rot & Water Damage Repair

Exterior dry rot

Dry rot can come from the exterior of your home in the form of roof leaks, siding leaks and decks that either are rotten themselves or cause water to intrude into the exterior walls, especially if your home is more than 20 years old.

Interior dry rot

Interior problems are often caused by poorly constructed shower pans or plumbing leaks. See the photo below for the damaged caused by a leaking shower pan.

Dryrot discovered in a floor.
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3 Steps to Fixing the dry rot in your home

Dry rot repair is a job that should only be handled by an experienced contractor as it requires a good understanding of water-flow and the proper way to protect your home from interior and exterior moisture.

When you rely on Lamont Bros in Portland Oregon to fix structural dry rot and water damage, you can rest assured your home repairs are being handled by skilled professionals with years of experience.

Step 1

Determine the Cause

We will help you determine why your home has a rot problem and what has contributed to wood decay. 

Step 2

Investigate the Extent

We can help you understand the potential extent of the damage and investigate it in order to determine the appropriate repair. 

Step 3

Fix the Damage

We will implement the right fix for the dry rot on your home.