Top 10 Design-Build Firms in Portland

As a homeowner in Portland, Oregon, you recognize the importance of working with a contractor who integrates design services into their construction process. For that reason, you’ve decided to work with a design-build firm for your new construction or home improvement project. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of great design-build firms in the Portland area.

At Lamont Bros. Design & Construction, we’ve seen time and time again how integrated design and construction services provide homeowners with a final build tailored perfectly to their needs. As one of Oregon’s leading design-build firms, our team has worked with hundreds of homeowners across the Portland Metro Area. However, we also recognize that we’re not always the right company for every homeowner looking to hire a design-build firm. That’s why we keep a list of other fantastic design-build firms in the area who we trust to deliver excellent construction services to clients who might not be the best fit for our team.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 design-build firms in Portland. And before you ask, we’ve left ourselves off this list to avoid any bias or conflict of interest. Once you’re finished reading, you’ll have a better understanding of the different design-build firms in the Portland area. With that information, you’ll be able to identify which ones might be a good fit for your next project. The 10 design-build firms we’ll discuss include:

1. Neil Kelly

The Neil Kelly Company is a pioneering beacon in the Portland design-build industry, with a history extending back to 1947. Because they are one of the oldest and most reputable design-build firms in Oregon, Neil Kelly attracts an elite clientele, including Portland Trailblazers, Nike executives, and Oregon senators.

Known for their luxury and high-end work, Neil Kelly offers many residential construction services. This includes full-process remodeling, custom homes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), solar energy solutions, and exterior renovations.


Reputation and Experience:

With over seven decades in the business, Neil Kelly is one of the oldest and most respected design-build firms in Portland.

Wide Range of Services:

Their comprehensive service offerings cater to every home improvement need, from meticulous interior remodels to custom home constructions and sustainable energy solutions.

Low-Risk Assurance:

As a large, well-established company, Neil Kelly provides a secure investment for clients. They are equipped to handle any unforeseen challenges with the resources and expertise to ensure project completion to the highest standards, regardless of what hurdles stand in the way.

Portland home remodel by Neil Kelly

Ideal Projects

Neil Kelly is suited for clients seeking high-end luxury and peace of mind in their remodeling or custom home projects. Whether it’s a sophisticated remodel for a historic home, a sleek, modern custom build, or the integration of cutting-edge solar energy systems, their decades of experience in residential construction is an obvious choice for homeowners who value quality and reputation.

Due to their reputation for quality and their ability to navigate complex projects with ease, Neil Kelly is often the firm of choice for those in Portland desiring custom-designed living spaces.

2. Creekstone Design + Remodel

Creekstone is another one of the most distinguished design-build firms in Portland. As a large remodeler with a long-standing presence in Oregon’s remodeling landscape, Creekstone prides itself on a comprehensive and detail-oriented design process. Their services often appeal to clients who value thoroughness and innovation in their home projects.


Established Presence:

Creekstone’s extensive history in the Portland area contributes to its solid reputation as a reliable and experienced design-build firm.

Union Carpenters:

Unique in the industry, Creekstone works largely with union carpenters, a trait that resonates with clients who prefer supporting labor unions and appreciate the craftsmanship they represent.

Award-Winning Designs:

Creekstone’s focus on creating award-winning designs demonstrates its commitment to excellence and innovation in their work.

Kitchen remodel by Creekstone

Ideal Projects

Creekstone is well-suited for clients who value detailed planning and exceptional craftsmanship in their remodeling endeavors. Their expertise spans a variety of project types, from kitchen and bathroom remodels to whole-home renovations.

Homeowners looking for a firm that combines a meticulous design process with the reliability and skill of union carpenters will find Creekstone to be an ideal partner. Their approach is particularly appealing to those in the Portland area who support labor unions and demand high-quality, award-winning results in their home improvements.

3. Roloff Construction

Roloff is recognized among the design-build firms in Portland because of its unique blend of architectural expertise and boutique project management. With a licensed architect on staff, this smaller, more personalized company offers a level of precision and architectural insight that’s admirable.


Architectural Expertise:

Having a licensed architect in-house distinguishes Roloff from many competitors. The added expertise of an architect enables a high degree of design precision and innovation in their projects.

Boutique Approach:

Roloff’s smaller scale allows for a personalized, focused approach to each project and ensures clients receive dedicated attention throughout the remodeling process.

Comprehensive Services:

Despite its boutique nature, Roloff offers a wide range of services, overseeing projects from initial design through to project completion. Their strong management throughout the process ensures a cohesive and integrated final product.

Roloff Construction excels in projects that require architectural design.

Ideal Projects

Roloff is a particularly great match for homeowners who appreciate the value of architectural design in their remodeling or construction projects. Their ability to provide detailed architectural insight, combined with the personalized service of a boutique firm, makes them ideal for clients seeking specific architectural features and unique, tailored solutions for their homes.

Many different types of projects can benefit from this level of architectural involvement. This can include large-scale remodels with major structural work, custom home designs, and complex renovations where architectural integrity and design innovation are of the utmost importance.

4. Cooper Design Build

Cooper Design Build is renowned for its unique approach to design-build remodeling that emphasizes luxury, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, they’ve honed a process that seamlessly transitions from expert design to precise construction. Because of this well-developed process, projects completed by their team reflect the homeowner’s vision and quality expectations.


Expertise in Luxury Remodeling:

Specializing in whole house remodels, integrated additions, kitchens, primary suites & baths, and more, Cooper caters to luxury remodeling projects that require meticulous attention to detail and a high level of customization.

Client-Centered Approach:

Cooper places significant emphasis on understanding and integrating clients’ preferences, desires, and styles into the design, ensuring the outcome is deeply personal and reflective of the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Efficient and Transparent Process:

From outlining a clearly defined budget and timeline to providing a fixed price agreement and continuous updates during construction, Cooper prides itself on transparency and efficiency.

Luxury chef’s kitchen by Cooper Design Build

Ideal Projects

Cooper Design Build is best suited for clients looking for a blend of luxury, personalization, and transparency in their remodeling projects. Their expertise is particularly valuable for large-scale renovations that transform living spaces to be both beautiful and functional. Homeowners planning to undertake historic home remodels, gourmet kitchen renovations, or create integrated outdoor living spaces will find value in Cooper’s collaborative team approach, dedication to craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability.

5. Arciform

Arciform distinguishes itself in the Portland design-build market with a focus on historic renovations. Their team is committed to preserving the integrity of historic structures while updating them to meet modern standards of safety, comfort, and usability.

Founded in 1997, Arciform has built its reputation around a deep appreciation for the stories within each project’s walls. Every renovation takes care to respect the building’s architectural heritage.


Historic Preservation and Modern Integration:

Arciform excels at blending historical preservation with modern convenience, ensuring that renovations respect the original architecture while incorporating contemporary features.

Client and Space Storytelling:

At the heart of Arciform’s approach is a commitment to understanding and incorporating the stories of the people and spaces they work with. Their emphasis on historic renovations creates meaningful connections between stories past and present.

In-house Collaboration for Value and Quality:

By keeping most work in-house and minimizing subcontracting, Arciform maintains a high level of quality control and ensures projects are completed efficiently. In addition, their team of designers and project managers collaborates closely to uncover hidden costs and make value-driven decisions.

Arciform excels in remodeling historic homes.

Ideal Projects

Arciform is particularly suited for homeowners looking to restore or renovate historic properties. Their expertise in combining the stories of the past with those of the present makes them an ideal partner for projects that aim to preserve the character of a historic home while updating it for today’s lifestyle.

6. Green Hammer Design Build

Green Hammer is a trailblazer in Portland’s design-build sector, emphasizing eco-friendly and sustainable living environments. With its foundation in 2002, Green Hammer has dedicated itself to creating buildings that not only prioritize health and environmental sustainability but also enhance the well-being of communities and the natural world. As a certified B-Corp, they stand out for their commitment to positive social and environmental impact.


Sustainable and Healthy Living Spaces:

Green Hammer specializes in designing and building spaces that are both eco-friendly and promote the occupants’ health. They use materials and practices that ensure indoor air quality and water conservation.

Expertise in Green Building Standards:

They are well-versed in a range of green building standards, including Passive House, Net Zero Energy, and LEED certifications, ensuring their projects meet the highest levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Award-Winning Construction:

Green Hammer has been recognized for its excellence in green building, receiving numerous awards such as the Earth Advantage Institute’s Green Home Builder Award and the Design & Build with FSC Leadership Award, underscoring their leadership and innovation in sustainable building practices.

Sustainable, eco-friendly renovations are the specialty of Green Hammer.

Ideal Projects

Green Hammer is ideal for clients seeking to build or remodel their homes with sustainability and health in mind. Whether it’s constructing a new eco-friendly custom home, renovating a kitchen or bathroom with sustainable materials, or achieving Net Zero Energy for a residential project, Green Hammer’s expertise ensures that each project minimizes environmental impact and creates a healthier living space for its occupants. Their passion for green building and sustainable design makes them a leading choice for those looking to positively impact the environment and their quality of life.

7. Mosaik Design & Remodeling

Mosaik Design & Remodeling differentiates itself with a unique blend of intentionality in interior design, a commitment to quality, and a hands-on approach that brings client visions to life in Portland’s design-build landscape.


Tailored Design Solutions:

Mosaik is recognized for its ability to create highly personalized spaces that reflect the unique stories and lifestyles of their clients. Their design solutions are not only functional but also carry a personal touch that resonates with homeowners long after the project is completed.

Commitment to Craftsmanship and Detail:

The attention to detail and commitment to using the best quality materials and subcontractors are fundamental to Mosaik’s approach. This ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds client expectations in both aesthetics and longevity.

Interior Design Focus:

Unlike other remodeling firms where interior design may be an afterthought, Mosaik integrates interior design from the outset. This approach ensures that every aspect of the project, from appliances to accent pieces, aligns with the overall vision and style preferences of the client.

Mosaik’s interior design services blend well with their renovation process.

Ideal Projects

Homeowners seeking a remodeling partner that offers excellent interior design integration will find a perfect match in Mosaik Design & Remodeling. Ideal projects for Mosaik are those that require a deep understanding of the client’s personal needs and lifestyle.

Mosaik’s team ensures a seamless process that is as much about building strong relationships as it is about transforming spaces. Their commitment to quality, combined with a keen eye for design, makes them a preferred choice for those looking to infuse their homes with character, comfort, and style.

8. Square Deal Remodeling Company

Square Deal Remodeling stands out in Portland’s design-build landscape with a deep-seated family business ethos that connects it closely to the Pacific Northwest community. Operating since 1992, this local family business brings a personal touch to every project they undertake.


Green Building Practices:

Square Deal Remodeling prioritizes the use of green products and practices throughout all project phases, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Award-Winning Team:

With a history of excellence underscored by various design and building awards, Square Deal’s team is recognized for their quality workmanship and innovative design solutions.

Fully In-House Design and Build Services:

Unlike many other remodelers, Square Deal boasts in-house design capabilities, offering end-to-end service that streamlines the remodeling process for clients.

Square Deal Remodeling offers excellent design quality paired with sustainable building practices.

Ideal Projects

Because of these strengths, Square Deal Remodeling is suited for homeowners in Portland looking for remodeling solutions that balance sustainability with design quality. Their approach is perfect for kitchen and bathroom remodels, basement renovations, and whole-home updates that require a blend of modern aesthetics with functional living spaces.

Additionally, Square Deal’s in-house construction teams ensure commitment to quality and make them a top choice for those seeking a personalized remodeling experience with more direct control over the final product.

9. Mountainwood Homes

Mountainwood Homes sets itself apart in the Portland area with a distinct focus on creating enduring relationships and delivering comprehensive, customized solutions for both home remodeling and new construction. This design-build firm specifically strives to ensure that every project reflects the homeowner’s needs. They accomplish this by seamlessly blending the homeowner’s lifestyle with the functional elements of their space.


Enduring Client Relationships:

The cornerstone of Mountainwood Homes’ approach is establishing lasting relationships with clients, emphasizing trust and transparency throughout the design and construction process.

Comprehensive Team Expertise:

With a team that includes project developers, designers, project managers, and trade partners, Mountainwood Homes brings a wealth of expertise to each project. This ensures a holistic approach to home renovation and building, regardless of the type of project.

Award-Winning Designs:

Led by an award-winning interior designer, Mountainwood Homes boasts a team capable of turning any space into a beautifully designed, functional area that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

Mountainwood specializes in custom homes in Portland

Ideal Projects

Mountainwood Homes is ideal for homeowners who value a close partnership with their design-build firm. This is because their team works to build strong relationships with their clients so they can help bring their vision to life. Their comprehensive services cater to a wide range of projects, making them a great choice for those looking to remodel an existing home or build from the ground up.

With a strong emphasis on communication and a collaborative approach, Mountainwood Homes ensures a smooth and enjoyable process from concept to completion.

10. Birdsmouth Design-Build

Birdsmouth Design-Build is recognized for its leadership in energy-efficient construction and design. Their team focuses on creating zero-energy buildings that prioritize health, comfort, and resilience beyond industry standards. This approach allows for future-proofing homes against rising energy costs, ensuring their projects boast timeless beauty meant to endure for generations.


High-Performance Building Leadership:

Birdsmouth is a vanguard in the field of high-performance building, dedicated to crafting spaces that achieve extremely high levels of energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality. This attention to sustainability is integral to their mission of minimizing the environmental impact of their projects.

Experienced and Specialized Team:

Comprising architects, builders, craftspeople, and managers, Birdsmouth’s team holds a strong commitment to quality and leadership in the high-performance building movement. This includes continuous education in building science to ensure they’re at the forefront of environmentally conscious construction practices.

Commitment to Quality and Long-Term Relationships:

Birdsmouth holds to the principles of using high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and personalized service. Their goal is to turn clients’ visions into reality through well-designed, environmentally-conscious living spaces. Whether designing a project or working with plans from an independent architect, Birdsmouth builds lasting relationships with their clients, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Ideal Projects

A net-zero home built by Birdsmouth Design-Build

Birdsmouth Design-Build is ideal for homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable living. Their expertise particularly fits projects aiming to achieve net-zero energy, Passive House standards, or simply those looking to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

With a focus on high-performance buildings, Birdsmouth is the go-to for those wanting to future-proof their homes against the changing climate while ensuring their spaces are healthier and more comfortable.

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