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5 Simple Kitchen Remodel Projects That Add Value

A typical kitchen remodel recoups roughly 80% of its cost right away. That makes it one of the best spaces in the home to renovate. If you’re on a tight budget or simply like to tackle projects yourself, here are 5 simple kitchen remodel projects that can add instant value.

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Alameda Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen may be one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your home, and it’s one of the spaces that home buyers pay a lot of attention to. So, keeping yours up-to-date and looking fresh can not only help you enjoy your space, it can also provide financial big benefits if you decide to sell.

But even if you don’t have the budget for a full remodel, there are simple updates you can make to keep your kitchen looking like new.

1. Refinishing kitchen cabinets and replacing hardware

Cabinets are ubiquitous in most kitchens. You see them from almost every angle and they play a big role in defining the overall look and feel of the space. So if your cabinets look outdated, chances are the rest of your kitchen will as well.

kitchen remodel projects: new hardware

The good news is you don’t need to replace them all in order to freshen them up. A simple fix like switching out old hardware for a newer set can make a noticeable difference. And in most cases, all you need are some simple tools.

You can go one step further by repainting or refacing your cabinets. Refacing involves installing new laminate or veneer surface material to the existing cabinet framework (boxes), then replacing the cabinet fronts and drawers. Refacing may make sense if your cabinet boxes are in solid shape, and the doors and drawers are primarily in need of a makeover.

2. Installing new light fixtures

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a brand new look is by adding new lighting. More light brightens up the space and can make it appear bigger. The type of light can also affect the overall design. If you’re looking to make a statement, consider large pendant lights over a kitchen island. Bronze tones are very trendy these days and are a great complement to white kitchens. Adding a splash of color like this can really give your space some new visual interest.

kitchen remodel projects: bold pendant lights

3. Try a Bold Backsplash

We love a good subway tile, and a clean white tile is a great way to brighten up a kitchen and add value. But if you’re looking to take it one step further, you have a lot of backsplash options. From hip mid-century modern tile…

kitchen remodel projects: mid-century tile backsplash

To stone slabs…

slab backsplash
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To something like a beadboard backsplash — which can help create a warm and cozy kitchen — this kitchen remodel project is both relatively straightforward and can really set your space apart.

beadboard backsplash

4. Add a movable island

If you have a smaller kitchen without a fixed island, but need the extra space, adding a mobile island can be both useful and valuable. These islands come in various sizes and usually come with a butcher block surface, great for food prep. Tip: look for one with storage underneath for things like pots, pans, spices, or towels. It’s a great way to add both functionality and storage to your kitchen.

kitchen remodel projects: mobile island
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5. New paint

When it comes to kitchen remodel projects, this may be the easiest of all. Are you tired of your current, drab wall color? Then brighten up your space with a new shade of paint. Of course white will make the space look open and fresh, but other colors can also add to your kitchen’s appeal. Pastels can give it a warm, inviting feel. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, consider a gray. Or if you just want a splash of color, a bright accent wall could do the trick.

kitchen remodel projects: gray paint

Whether you plan to tackle some kitchen remodel projects on your own or need the help of a design/build team, we’re here to help. Check out the rest of our blog for more remodeling tips or visit our YouTube channel!

Are you thinking about doing a kitchen remodel and aren’t sure where to start? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!

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