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5 Best Remodeling Companies in Portland

When planning a home remodel, there are few decisions that will affect you more than the remodeling company you choose to hire. Your home is your refuge, and you want someone who will treat it with the care and respect it deserves. Fortunately, here in the Portland area, there are plenty of great remodeling companies to choose from.

Our team at Lamont Bros. works with dozens of Portland homeowners every year to transform their homes. While we love the opportunity to serve many different types of homeowners, we also know that we aren’t the best remodeling company for everyone. That’s why we’ve created this list of the 5 best remodeling companies in Portland — to help you explore your options before you begin your remodel. And before you ask, no, we didn’t include ourselves in the list.

After reading this article, you’ll know more about 5 of the best remodeling companies in Portland, and which ones might be the best fit for your remodeling needs. We’ll discuss each company’s strengths and what types of projects they do well. The 5 companies we’ll talk about are:

#1. Neil Kelly

If you’ve ever explored a home remodel in the Portland area, chances are, you’ve at least heard of The Neil Kelly Company. There’s a good reason for that — Neil Kelly is one of the oldest, most respected remodeling companies in Portland.

Founded in 1947, Neil Kelly has grown to be the largest home renovation company in Oregon. As a design-build firm, they offer full-process remodeling services, as well as high-end custom homes, accessory dwelling units, solar energy, and exterior renovations.

Due to the high-end luxury quality of their work, The Neil Kelly Company is known throughout the Portland area for serving big-name clients, including Portland Trailblazers, Nike executives, and several Oregon senators.

One major advantage of working with Neil Kelly is its low-risk nature. Being a well-established and large company, they have the resources to handle any potential issues or complications that may arise during a project. This attribute makes them particularly appealing to wealthy clients with high-dollar value remodels who require assurance that their projects will be completed satisfactorily, regardless of any unforeseen challenges.

Living Room by Neil Kelly

#2. Roloff Construction

A mention of home remodeling in Portland would be incomplete without acknowledging Roloff Construction. They have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the industry as boutique remodelers, gaining recognition as another one of the best remodeling companies in the region.

Established by husband and wife duo Mike and Nathalie Roloff, Roloff Construction has built a reputation for its high-quality custom work and attention to detail. Unlike many larger firms, Roloff Construction maintains a boutique remodeling approach, combining the resources of a full-scale remodeling company with the level of personal care only found in a smaller operation. They offer full-process remodeling services, and are particularly renowned for their excellent architectural designs, thanks to having a certified architect on staff.

Roloff Construction is well-known in professional remodeling circles, with both Roloffs taking an active involvement in organizations such as the National Institute for the Remodeling Industry (NARI). This demonstrates their commitment to staying updated with the latest best practices in the industry.

The company’s team, though smaller, is fully qualified to take on large projects. They may not take on the same volume of projects as some larger firms each year, but they make up for it with the scale and quality of the work they undertake. This focus on fewer, high-quality projects allows for a more personalized client experience and a meticulous approach to each remodel.

Moreover, Roloff Construction also stands out due to its ability to bring to life intricate designs, a factor that has brought them several design and construction awards. The high regard for their work in the industry, coupled with a dedicated team, makes Roloff Construction a reliable choice for any remodeling project.

Kitchen by Roloff

#3 Hammer and Hand

In the realm of Portland’s remodeling industry, Hammer and Hand is a name that carries a distinctive authority. This remodeling company not only sets the bar high with its specialized services but also contributes to the development of the Portland remodeling industry as a whole, landing them a place among the best remodelers in the area.

Hammer and Hand sets itself apart from other remodeling companies in that they focus solely on the construction side of remodeling. Rather than providing in-house design services, Hammer and Hand’s team collaborates with outside designers to provide construction expertise in the planning stages of a project. They use their experience to assist the designers with budgeting and advocate for safety and efficiency in the plans.

The company’s geographic reach also sets it apart. With offices in Portland as well as Seattle, their broad service area reflects their adaptability and capacity to manage and execute remodeling projects in different markets.

But perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Hammer and Hand is their commitment to educating homeowners and other contractors on construction best practices. So strong is their dedication to doing things right that they even maintain a “Construction Best Practices Manual‘ on their website, openly sharing their knowledge and expertise on various facets of construction. This kind of transparency is not just a testament to their confidence in their work — it also builds trust and sets client expectations.

Beyond their technical knowledge, Hammer and Hand’s team displays a depth of experience and practical understanding of the building process that allows them to navigate complex projects with ease, all while ensuring top-quality results.

Residential remodel by Hammer and Hand

#4 Maughan Design & Remodel

Contrasting the construction-focused Hammer & Hand, Maughan Design & Remodel has emerged as . The company’s emphasis on detailed planning and robust design capabilities sets it apart in the field of home renovation services.

Founded by Kathie Maughan, the company prides itself on its design-first approach to remodeling. This design-centric method allows clients to plan and visualize the potential of their projects from the start and ensures that every detail aligns with the client’s vision. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to full home renovations, their team demonstrates a skillful approach to translating client aspirations into tangible designs.

What makes Maughan Design & Remodel unique is its flexibility and focus on client control. They provide clients with ownership over the designs, promoting transparency and encouraging the homeowner to be involved in the design process. This unique service caters to clients who want more control over their renovation projects. Although they have an in-house construction team, Maughan also provides their clients with the freedom to build their plans with the contractor of their choice.

However, their commitment to design doesn’t overshadow their dedication to the nuts and bolts of the construction process. Their team, comprised of several designers and in-house carpenters, is fully capable of bringing these designs to life while maintaining the highest quality standards.

If you’re considering a remodel and desire a company that emphasizes design and client control in the process, Maughan Design & Remodel presents a compelling choice with its unique, design-focused approach.

Kitchen and dining room by Maughan Design + Remodel

5. Owen Gabbert LLC

Showcasing a comprehensive approach to home renovation, Owen Gabbert, LLC, stands as one of the best remodeling companies in Portland. Their proficiency in handling large-scale projects, especially those involving significant structural changes, has helped them establish their reputation as a reliable general contractor in both residential and commercial construction spheres.

Known for its wide range of services, Owen Gabbert, LLC, accommodates many renovation needs. They handle everything from layout reconfigurations, and whole-home remodels to complex additions and major structural changes. Their specialization, however, lies in custom kitchen remodels, thanks in part to their in-house cabinet shop. This unique feature ensures clients receive meticulously crafted custom cabinets, ensuring a cohesive and personalized touch to their remodel.

The Owen Gabbert team distinguishes itself through a transparent budgeting process that begins at the design phase. Collaborating closely with designers, the team manages project costs alongside the client from the outset, providing homeowners with a clear financial roadmap for their remodel. This proactive approach affords clients more flexibility during the design process and results in a predictable final cost.

Additionally, clients can take comfort in the high level of expertise that Owen Gabbert brings to the table. Their master carpenters, boasting over 15 years of experience in their fields, ensure each project receives the highest level of workmanship. This level of skill, coupled with the company’s comprehensive design-build approach to renovations, positions Owen Gabbert as a great remodeling company for anyone considering a major home remodel in the Portland area.

Home remodel by Owen Gabbert LLC

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