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tile trends

Tile Trends for Your Next Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or another space in your home, finding the right tile can go a long way to tying your look together. Here’s a look at some of the latest tile trends, curated by our in-house design team.

tile trends: inlaid brass
tile with inlaid brass (photo credit)

Tile colors are continually changing and evolving.  Lately, a popular trend is a mix of hues and tones, as well as colorful patterns. Some are warmer, earthier tones while others are combinations of more saturated colors. And some really embrace the bold. 

Tile Trends: Color and pattern

Let’s start with tile trends that emphasize color and pattern. Highly visual tile styles can be used as an accent wall to add a pop of color and texture in a room, and can even work as a nice complement to other colored elements in the space, like fixtures.

tile trends: bold colors and patterns
photo credit

Using basic shapes and stripes are great ways to create pattern and help draw the eye toward specific areas of your space. Plus, they can make for a bold visual impact, whether horizontal or vertical.

Pantone’s “Color of the Year” often plays into current trends as well.  This year, Classic Blue was awarded the honor, and it’s been a popular choice in bathrooms especially. The rich, dark hue can make a nice contrast against an otherwise white or light-colored space.

But dark blue isn’t having all the fun. Pastels are also hot these days, particularly lighter shades of pink. Against a dark palette, like rich wood-toned kitchen cabinets, adding some sophisticated pink tile can help soften a space. In a bathroom, long, sleek pink vertical tiles can lend an air of calm and serenity.

Tile Trends: Wood Look

Wood-look plank tile has been a trend for over a decade and was initially found in mainly 24” and 36” lengths.  It’s been increasing in popularity; especially with the modern farmhouse style that became popular a few years ago. 

With evolving digital printing technology, there are longer, more realistic looking planks available today. Wood-look tiles can be used on floors, walls, and kitchen backsplashes—and how fun to have “wood” inside the shower? 

tile trends: faux wood tile in the shower
by Julie O’Toole Interior Design

Tile that looks like aged wood is very popular, especially with a worn paint pattern. These go great in living spaces or bedrooms and can add a rustic look to a modern or sleek space, or an industrial-feel loft.

tile trends: rustic worn wood tile look
photo credit

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it with fire. Tile manufacturers have come up with plank patterns that replicate this beautiful look.

Tile Trends: Shou Sugi Ban
photo credit
Tile Trends: Shou Sugi Ban
photo credit


Although the warmth and simplicity of the modern farmhouse style will likely linger into the foreseeable future, industrial farmhouse and urban industrial styles are emerging with a more rustic-meets-modern aesthetic. 

With this trend comes more metal and texture. Shiplap walls are being replaced with hand-crafted glazed tile, thin brick, or brick-looking tile. 

tile trends: hand glazed in rustic setting
tile trends
tile trends: brick
photo credit

Geometric patterns

Geometric tile is a wonderful way to add a playful texture to a room. There are tiles in pre-set patterns, like herringbone and chevron, and there are shaped tiles that can be arranged to make different patterns.

Have some fun! This bathroom floor consists of three colors of hexagon tile arranged in a daisy pattern.

tile trends: geometric patterns
photo credit

Using a random mix of hexagon tiles can make for a unique accent wall in the shower. You can also create playful patterns with a mix of diamond shaped tiles.

Tile Trends: Tile Wallpaper

Ok, so it’s not technically wallpaper, but tile crafted and installed to look like it can not only give you a similar feel, it can also add more protection, especially from water. Adding floral or mosaic patterns can enhance the wallpaper vibe.

Tile Trends: Mixing tile types

Finally, when it comes to tile, don’t be afraid to mix it up, literally!  There are many options out there—shiny tile with matte, colored tile with neutral, patterned with wood, mosaics with large scale tile, and on and on…

tile trends: mixing tiles
photo credit

Adding these looks to your home

Thinking about incorporating one or more of these tile trends ideas into your home? We’re happy to help! Just schedule a conversation with one of our experienced design consultants!

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