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Pearl District Condo Remodel

Custom Scandinavian Style condo

We were thrilled when this Portland family reached out to us about their dream condo remodel in Portland's Pearl District. They had a clear vision for a unique Scandinavian-style condo, and we were excited to help them bring it to life.

The project involved updating the kitchen, adding a smart bathroom, creating a work desk area, and customizing the fireplace. The biggest challenge was working within the client's budget while also adhering to the condo's strict renovation regulations.

Our team worked closely with the owners to understand their priorities and provided guidance on how their choices would affect the cost and design of the project. The goal was to ensure that they were fully informed every step of the way and had realistic expectations about what we could achieve within their budget.

The design solutions were carefully considered and crafted to fit the owners' vision while also meeting the condo regulations. We helped them choose the right materials, finishes, and fixtures that would not only be beautiful but also functional and durable. We also made sure to incorporate all the necessary safety features and obtain the necessary permits to ensure that the project was up to code.

In the end, the project looked beautiful, and the homeowners were thrilled with the final results. We are pleased to have played a role in bringing this vision to fruition while helping the client stay within budget constraints and adhere to their condo's regulations.



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