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Parkrose Historic Kitchen Remodel

Old house, New Kitchen

Historic homes have a lot of character, each telling a unique story. When this Portland family reached out to remodel their kitchen, our team at Lamont Bros. had no idea what stories lay in store behind its walls.

Built in 1921, this home in Portland's Parkrose neighborhood had been remodeled several times throughout the last 100 years. However, with its small, cramped layout and lack of natural light, it was clear that the kitchen was long overdue for a renovation.

The homeowners wanted to modernize their kitchen with a more open floor plan and better natural lighting. Originally, they hired a general contractor, which they selected because of the low initial bid. However, after the project's cost began to steadily increase as it progressed, the homeowners decided to hire Lamont Bros. to complete the remodel instead.

In our designs for the space, we planned to remove two dividing walls to open up the floor

plan. During construction, we met some unexpected challenges when we discovered that the wall between the kitchen and dining room was not only load-bearing but also concealed a brick chimney.

With the help of some last-minute structural engineering and a little extra work to demolish the chimney, we were able to preserve the original designs and open the kitchen's floor plan into the dining room.

While removing the wall, we discovered a newspaper from 1921, the same year the home was built. We also found and a ticket to movie theater at the Roseway Theater from 1932.

The completed remodel features white shaker cabinetry and a new kitchen island with deep blue accent cabinets. Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and a central vent hood all help to bring this old kitchen into the 21st century. You can watch the homeowner's remodel journey the video below.

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