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Oregon City Kitchen Refresh

Cosmetic Refresh for an Updated Aesthetic

The owners of this 1935 home contacted Lamont Bros. for help updating the aesthetic of their kitchen. The layout and overall design was working well for them, but they felt that the space was outdated and didn't fit their style.

One of the main challenges with the space was improving the lighting while bringing the aesthetic into the 21st century. The old countertops were made of dark blue tile and the backsplash had blue accents. With only one window, the kitchen needed more light colors and sharper contrast to give it depth.

There were also 3 different types of flooring throughout the first floor, with carpet in the living room, hardwood in the kitchen, and tile in the laundry room. The homeowners wanted to

have consistent flooring style throughout the entire space.

The homeowners liked the cabinets they already had and didn't feel the need to spend money on new ones. As a result, we worked with them to find new finishes and features that would update their kitchen without requiring new cabinetry.

Dark quartz countertops and a custom white tile added some contrast to the space. We also added under-cabinet lighting to brighten it up and make the kitchen feel more open.

To complete the project, our team also added black and white checkered tile throughout the kitchen and living room to add consistency.

project photos

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