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oregon city bathroom remodel


This cozy bathroom remodel started out as an outdated and not too functional space inside an otherwise stunning home in Oregon City.

Older cabinets and tile, bright yellow and red accents, and an unneeded access point to an adjacent garage all needed to go. Our job was to make the space more usable and implement a contemporary design.


Update design to better match rest of home

Remove gaudy yellow and red accent elements

Install modern walk-in shower

Incorporate a laundry space

Create an overall inviting bathroom for guests


Added areas for laundry and extra storage

Removed access to garage

Added new walk-in shower

Used large 12"x24" porcelain tiles in new walk-in shower that mimicked more expensive marble

Installed cost effective luxury vinyl tile flooring and "remnant" granite countertops to further save on costs

project photos - after

project photos - before

remodel location

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