NW Portland Bathroom Retreat

nw portland bathroom retreat


This bathroom was beginning to show its age. The homeowner wanted to transform it into an inviting, retreat-like space.

Bad natural light and poor tub placement were contributing to the issues. It was simply time to refresh the entire bathroom.


Poor, outdated style

Tub was too large, and took up too much floor space and visual space

Bathroom was not inviting and didn’t have the right storage

Lighting was poor


The client wanted to feel like the bathroom belonged in the forested area that the house is located in NW Portland, so we used natural light and natural looking materials, like prominent stone features throughout.

We replaced all finishes with new modern ones that brought in the outdoors.

We also added adjustable lighting in multiple locations to allow the client to fine-tune the room to the time of day and mood.

project photos – after

project photos – before

remodel location