Lake Oswego Custom Tile Shower


When a shower leak on the second floor of this Lake Oswego condo caused water damage to the main floor, it prompted the homeowner to seek the expertise of Lamont Bros. for an urgent repair. This remodel, centered around a custom tile shower, was essential to not only repair the damage but also to improve the quality and comfort of the space.

The primary concern was the shower’s leak, which caused damage to the kitchen and dining room ceilings below. Additionally, while the functionality of the shower wasn’t a significant concern, the homeowner saw this as an opportunity to update the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Our team at Lamont Bros. undertook the task of tearing out all the old tiles and replacing the waterproof membrane in the shower. The layout and size of the shower remained the same and the plumbing lines were untouched, ensuring a cost-effective, non-invasive approach. The focus was on aesthetic enhancement while repairing the damage effectively.

One of the most notable features of this project is its custom tile. The homeowners selected a blue tile by Bedrosian. Our team laid the tile in a herringbone pattern on the shower walls, a design choice that, while stylish, proved to be a time-intensive task due to the complexity and precision required to install it well. We also upgraded the shower head to a luxury shower system with a rain head, hand shower, and tandem sprayers.

During the project, one of the primary challenges that arose during construction was the discovery of dry rot in the floor. Fortunately, our team was able to remove the affected areas and replace them, preventing further spread of the dry rot.

The result was a meticulously rebuilt shower, free from leakage problems, and a restored ceiling below, ensuring the homeowner’s peace of mind. The homeowners were left with a beautifully updated shower space that not only resolved the immediate water damage issue but also enhanced the overall appeal of the bathroom.