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Contemporary happy valley kitchen


The homeowners asked us to transform their kitchen with better space planning and a design that better fit the style of the home overall.

Along with a cleaner, more modern aesthetic, the space needed more usable work areas and better light throughout.


The kitchen had been previously remodeled but was not in keeping with the mid-century style of the home.

The island was placed awkwardly which didn't allow for enough space in front of the range.

The kitchen felt dark and closed in because of an existing pantry/dishwasher cabinet and a shade over the back window.


We fixed the design issues by placing the island in a more workable area, removing the awkward dishwasher cabinet, and incorporating sleeker lines throughout.

To complement the style of the rest of the home, all existing finishes were replaced with mid-century modern ones.

A large window took the place of a much smaller one to allow for more natural light, and round pendant lights helped brighten the space even more.

project photos - after

project photos - before

remodel location

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