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Modern Entryway Ideas

The entryway is often the first thing you and others will see before they step into your home. Here are some modern entryway ideas to help make your home warm and welcoming.

modern entryway ideas: front stairs


Even before anyone steps over your threshold, they first experience your exterior entryway. Make it bright and inviting with some landscaping leading up to your front steps or door. If you do have steps up to your entrance, pick a stair rail style that complements your home and opt for a darker paint color for a modern touch.

Selecting large, stylish house numbers is another easy way to infuse some contemporary design.

Front door

Picking the right door for your entryway can also make a statement. Choosing a larger than typical door — 42″ instead of 36″ — can not only give your entrance a contemporary feel, it can also accommodate bigger household items like appliances and furniture.

Placing the door off center or adding touches like glass panels can also add a modern flair.

modern entryway ideas: glass panel front door

Door overhang

If you live in an area with a lot of rain or a lot of sunshine, an overhang or pavilion on the outside can help keep visitors dry and packages safe. It can also give your home a unique look and feel, suited to your style.

modern entryway ideas: overhang
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Outside Lighting

The right entryway lighting can also make your home feel warm and cozy. Again, this starts with the outside. Whether you prefer a single light above the door or one on either side, the purpose is two-fold: to make sure people can see as they’re approaching your front door if it’s dark, and to add a bit of style to your home.

Even something as simple as a unique lightbulb style can help set your home apart. And setting them on motion sensors can help save energy.

modern entryway ideas: exterior lighting

Inside lighting

Of course, your interior lighting is important as well. A large light feature can really help set the scene for a foyer and create a cozy tone. For a modern touch, consider linear light fixtures or chandeliers with clean lines and industrial style bulbs.

modern entryway ideas: foyer lighting


If your home has a second story, you may have a stairway leading off of your entryway. Integrate it into your entrance experience by using complementary design style and finishes. For modern looks, forgo stairway spindles and consider cabled stair rails or thicker wood designs with straight, clean lines.

modern stairway

Flooring and storage

Since your entryway will get a lot of foot traffic, you want to make sure you pick a flooring material that’s durable. Laminate flooring is a great affordable choice that’s scratch, dirt, and dent-resistant.

Hardwoods are a classic option but can be susceptible to scratching, so consider a welcome mat or other protection by the door if you go this route.

Mixing materials can be a great way to combine both the warmth of hardwood with the practicality and durability of something like tile.

modern entryway ideas: mudroom

Adding small benches, a coat rack, or a small closet in the entryway can make it easy for your family and guests to remove their shoes and hang up their coats, and can give you some extra storage for other household items.

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