Remodel Investment Calculator

When you spend money on a remodel, it’s reasonable for you to expect a return on your investment. While some of this return comes in the form of a custom space built specifically for you, it is also possible to make a substantial financial return, as well.

A well-designed remodel can recoup up to 80% of its total cost in the value it adds to the home. As home values increase, this added cost also grows thanks to compounding interest. Therefore, the longer you wait to sell your home after remodeling, the more value the remodel adds to your home.

Curious how a remodel might affect the value of your home? Use the calculator below to see a side-by-side comparison of how your home’s value might change over time, both with and without a remodel.

Home Value Calculator
Remodel budget ($)
Home value before remodel ($)
Immediate cost recouped (%)
Home hold time (years)
Average annual appreciation (%)
Home value before remodel
Total cash cost of remodel
After remodel home value
Anticipated value at end of hold time
Increase in value from remodel alone
Total cash gain