Workstation Sinks: Uses, Benefits, and Costs

Workstation sinks are versatile, configurable, and can handle a wide range of kitchen duties. From food prep to clean up and much more in between, these multi-functional sinks have a lot to offer over traditional undermount options. Here’s a look at some of the uses and benefits of workstation sinks, and what they can cost.

What is a workstation sink?

Basically, a workstation sink combines traditionally separate areas of your kitchen and consolidates them in one place. Multiple accessories allow you to wash food, chop and prep it, do clean up, dry dishes, and more. They’re designed to help you save space and time in the kitchen.


Space savings

One of the biggest benefits of a workstation sink is that it can help save on counter space. The ability to prep food, keep different kinds of foods separate, and wash and dry dishes in one area frees up counters for other uses or items. If you have a smaller kitchen, this type of sink can be ideal.

Lots of features

workstation sinks with several accessories
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If you like to cook, a workstation sink can save you time and make meal prep a breeze. With multiple features like cutting boards, drying racks, colanders, racks for dirty dishes, bowl holders, and more, you can configure your workstation for the way you prep, cook, and clean.

Limits cross-contamination

Working with different types of food can easily lead to cross-contamination if you’re doing all the prep on the same countertop space. Workstation sinks allow you to keep and prep things like meats in one area, vegetables in another, and fruits in a third spot. This helps keep both your food and your kitchen more sanitary.

Clean up is easy

workstation sink clean up
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Cleaning up the kitchen after a meal can be daunting, especially if dishes and cutting boards are spread out in different sinks and on separate counters. Since workstation sinks allow you to keep everything in one place, transferring your food waste to the garbage, cleaning up your dishes, and wiping everything down is a snap.


Workstations sinks start at about $700 and can range to $4,650 or more. That makes the base models just a few hundred dollars more than a traditional sink. But a workstation can save you money. Since they’re able to handle several types of jobs in one area, the higher costs of a workstation sink often outweigh what you’d otherwise need to spend on additional counter space and related cabinetry.

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