What is the best workstation sink for my remodel?

A workstation sink is a surprisingly simple yet highly intuitive feature that is revolutionizing the modern kitchen. As they become more popular, many homeowners find themselves drawn to the idea of a workstation sink, but are unsure of how to select the best one for their home.

Our team of experts at Lamont Bros. has guided hundreds of clients through the process of redesigning their kitchens. With workstation sinks becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more options to choose from. Finding the best workstation sink for your kitchen is simple once you know what to consider.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the things you need to think about when selecting a workstation sink. Once you’ve finished reading through this page, you’ll be one step closer to identifying the best one for you. The specific topics we’ll discuss include:

Why get a workstation sink?

A workstation sink is more than just a kitchen sink. It’s a versatile cooking space that serves multiple purposes during the food preparation process. Built-in accessories such as cutting boards, drying racks, and colanders allow the user to configure their sink for a wide range of tasks. 

For the right homeowner, a workstation sink can be the perfect tool. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider one for your own kitchen.

Ergonomic Kitchen Layout

A workstation sink is designed to be more comfortable and convenient for the average cook. Because it can combine the food preparation, serving, and cleanup zones all into one, you spend less time moving around your kitchen.

For example, rather than transfer food between the sink and counter during prep, you can do it all at the workstation sink. With a built-in cutting board at the rim, you can wash and chop fruits and vegetables in the same place. 

Workstation sinks also tend to be wider and deeper than traditional sinks. This makes it much easier to prepare large meals and wash the dishes afterward, especially if you have large pots or pans.

Saves on Space

A workstation sink is also a great feature to include in your kitchen if you’re low on space. Thanks to the many interchangeable accessories, a workstation sink reduces the amount of countertop space required for your kitchen. 

The average kitchen has about 13 feet of linear countertop space. Most kitchen sinks are normally 2-3 feet in length. A standard prep zone should take up about 36 linear inches (3 feet) of countertop space. Then, a drying rack for dishes typically takes up another 2 feet of linear space. 

Combining all 3 of these necessary spaces into one workstation sink can save over 5 feet of linear countertop space. That’s nearly a 40% reduction in the amount of countertop space required for a functional kitchen. While it may not sound like much, when your kitchen has limited space and you need a creative solution to make it work, a workstation sink just might be the hero you need. 

Modular & Upgradable Features

Another great feature of workstation sinks is that the accessories are modular, so you can arrange the sink’s features however it works best. Since different tasks require different configurations, you can switch out accessories depending on what you’re doing at the sink. 

This also means that your collection of workstation sink accessories can grow over time. If you find yourself needing more serving trays for mealtime, you can buy more. Or, if the manufacturer comes out with new accessories for your sink, you can grow your collection that way, too.

Accessories can include chopping blocks, serving dishes, mixing bowls, drying racks, and other specialized features. Photo by The Galley

Things to consider when selecting a workstation sink

While a workstation sink can be a great addition to your kitchen remodel, not all workstation sinks are created equal. Before you buy one, you’ll want to narrow down your options to one that meets your needs in the following categories:


A workstation sink’s functionality is greatly impacted by its size. Too small, and you won’t have enough room to work efficiently. Too big, and you might end up paying for more sink than you actually need. 

The appropriate size for your workstation sink depends on how you plan to use it. For most families, a 46-inch workstation sink is about the minimum length for a functional design. However, if you regularly host social gatherings or have to feed a large family, you might opt for a 60 or even 72-inch model. 

On the other hand, workstation sinks don’t need to be large in order to be functional. If you have a smaller kitchen but still think a workstation sink might still be best for you, you can go smaller. Although you will lose some functionality for sinks smaller than 46 inches, there are 36, 24, and even 16-inch models available.

Number of Faucets

You want to get a drink of water from the faucet, but somebody else is using it to clean their plate. Now, you not only have to wait for the faucet to free up, but then you have to wait for the hot water to run cold. Sound familiar? 

One great feature of workstation sinks is that they often have multiple faucets. This makes for a much more versatile space and can accommodate multiple people working at once. It’s common to see large workstation sinks with two or three main faucets. A secondary filtered faucet for drinking water is also a common feature. 

When deciding what type of workstation sink is best for you, consider whether multiple faucets would benefit your cooking experience. Not everyone needs two faucets to have a functional, efficient kitchen. For those who do, it’s important to make that decision early in the process as not every manufacturer offers multiple faucets for their sinks.

It’s also important to consider the type of faucet you mount at your workstation sink. You’ll want to make sure you have high clearance for the workspace. A pull-down faucet also makes a lot of sense for versatility and reach. The Galley Tap is a faucet designed specifically for workstation sinks. 

Multiple faucets can accommodate more tasks in the kitchen at once. Photo by The Galley

Available Accessories

Perhaps the defining feature of a workstation sink is its wide array of accessories. From simple items like cutting boards and mixing bowls to more niche items such as knife blocks and serving trays, you can find a wide array of accessories for a workstation sink. 

Some manufacturers offer more accessories than others. Depending on the way you use your kitchen, one workstation sink’s accessory package may work better than the others. Before you purchase a sink, compare the list of available accessories for the models you are interested in. Most sinks include an accessory package but don’t usually include all available options. That’s why it’s important to figure out what additional options are available for purchase.


Workstation sinks tend to be much more expensive than traditional kitchen sinks. Generally, an entry-level workstation sink will cost you $500 – $1000. High-end options can run above $10,000. 

However, the cost of a workstation sink isn’t just about the product itself — there are other expenses you’ll want to consider, as well. 

You’ll want to factor in the cost of plumbing, which includes fixtures and installation. Remember, the more faucets you have, the higher both material and labor costs will be. Then, there’s your sink base. Depending on how large your workstation sink is, you may have to order an oversized or custom sink base cabinet, which can easily cost $1000. Or, if you want to make it a centerpiece of your kitchen with the Galley Dresser, it can cost over $30,000. Lastly, you’ll also want to factor in the cost of any additional accessories you might want to purchase for your sink. 

Good, Better, & Best Workstation Sink Options

To help you start comparing options available to you, here are a handful of workstation sink brands. We use a “good, better, best” tiered system to help compare the different features. 

Good — Kraus Workstation Sinks — $800

The Kraus workstation sink is an entry-level option at a reasonable price. Kraus sinks come in sizes ranging from 17 to 57 inches and include a small accessory package. As an entry-level option, don’t expect a wide range of customization options or accessory features. The Kraus sink will serve its purpose as a kitchen workstation but is still limited in its offerings. 

57-inch workstation sink by Kraus

Better — Kohler Prolific Sinks — $1600

The Kohler Prolific series is a strong workstation sink product from a trusted brand.  These sinks tend to be smaller in size, starting at 23 inches wide and going up to 44 inches. The accessory options for this model of sink include cutting boards, bowls, colanders, serving dishes, and drying racks. The cutting boards from Kohler are particularly well-designed. They sit just proud of the countertop and still allow the water to drain off of them. 

44-inch Prolific sink by Kohler

Best — The Galley — $5,000

If you’re looking for a workstation sink built by a company that specializes in them, The Galley is exactly that. Not everybody has $5,000 to drop on their kitchen sink, but for those who do, the Galley does not disappoint. With features that include drying bays, multiple faucets, and a wide selection of accessories, The Galley offers full customization options for workstation sinks. 

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