7 Creative Ways to Elevate Traditional Subway Tile

Subway tile remains one of the most popular and affordable backsplash options in many of our remodels. And while some might think the classic white tile is a bit understated, there are several ways to make it to shine. Here are 7 creative ways to elevate subway tile in your next kitchen remodel.

1. Extend the subway tile backsplash to the ceiling

subway tile extending to kitchen ceiling

Many backsplashes are designed to cover only part of the wall area. But extending subway tile along your entire backsplash space can help add visual interest to your kitchen and make it appear larger. It can also provide extra protection for your walls.

2. Try a herringbone pattern

subway tile in herringbone pattern
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Subway tile doesn’t need to be laid horizontally. Switch things up a bit by opting for a herringbone style. The bold look adds a sense of energy and sophistication to a kitchen space. Consider a longer, thinner tile to accentuate the pattern. 

3. Do a vertical subway tile pattern

vertical subway tile
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If you’re looking to turn your tile backsplash in its head — in a good way — going for a vertical tile installation may be for you. The result is a sleek, modern look with clean lines that will complement modern kitchens.

4. Get creative with grout

subway tile with dark grout in kitchen

If you prefer a classic tile and pattern but still want a dramatic backsplash look, choosing a contrasting grout color may be just the answer. Grout comes in a variety of colors, but going with an elegant dark gray or black is a simple way to really make the tile pop.

5. Stack your subway tile

stacked subway tile in kitchen
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A traditional installation pattern for subway tile is running bond, where each row is offset from the one next to it. For a cleaner, more contemporary look, consider stacking them instead. This look with its flawless straight line creates a fresh, confident feel.

6. Try a bevel

beveled edge backsplash

Add some depth and dimension to your kitchen with a beveled subway tile backsplash. This look will work in almost style of kitchen, whether it’s modern, traditional, or something in between.

7. Contrast it with color

subway tile surrounded by colorful cabinets
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A great way to make your white backsplash pop is to surround it with bold colors. Bright cabinetry can provide the perfect contrast to the tile while also lending more depth to the overall kitchen space. This style can be an ideal alternative to the classic white kitchen design.

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