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Kitchen Design Ideas: Pull Out Trash Cabinet

One of the most popular features we include in kitchen remodels that we do these days is a pull out trash cabinet. And for good reason. Read on to discover 4 key benefits of this clever kitchen design idea.

kitchen design ideas: modern kitchen remodel

Gone are the days of the floating kitchen trash can, tucked away in a corner one day, then moved the next to make way for a new large appliance — or simply to try to hide before guests come over. Now the pull out trash cabinet has become a go-to for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens. And our team of designers say they now include them in all of their projects.

Here are 4 key reasons why you should consider one for your next kitchen renovation.

1. Kitchen Aesthetics

A kitchen remodel can truly transform your home. The last thing you want to see when your brand new kitchen is complete is a 13-gallon trash can sticking out against the backdrop of your beautiful new space. Sure, you could opt for housing your garbage can under the sink, but your space there is limited, just requiring you to empty the trash more often.

pull out trash cabinet in gray
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Incorporating a pull out trash cabinet into your kitchen is a seamless way to include function in your space without sacrificing form. This handy feature matches the rest of your cabinets so it appears as if it’s just another area for storage.

With the trash can tucked away inside the cabinet, you no longer need to worry about trying to hide it or be concerned with an unsightly overflowing garbage bin out in the open. Which leads us to reason number 2…

2. Odor management

Apart from being an eyesore, a trash can out in the open can be a “nosesore” as well. Ok, we may have just made up that term, but you get the idea. Even in free-standing trash cans with lids, food waste can start to create unpleasant odors. Pull out trash cabinets have several options to combat the issue.

pull out trash cabinet with lids
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They can be designed with separate compartments with lids for things like food waste or compost. Though you’ll want to be mindful of emptying them regularly, they provide a great defense against unseemly garbage odors.

You can also have separate trash cabinets for different kinds of waste. That way you can keep organic garbage apart from other trash and empty each when appropriate.

3. Recycling Ease

Not only can you have separate compartments for different kinds of garbage, the cabinets can also be designed to make recycling much easier. A common design idea is to double up on the number of bins in a cabinet, one in front of the other. That way you can use for one trash and the other only for recycling.

pull out trash cabinet with composting
pull out trash cabinet with composting area / photo credit

If you do compost, consider adding another bin just for your composting. The configuration flexibility of pull out trash cabinets allows you to customize the sizes of your bins, put lids on them, and even have multiple recycling-only receptacles which you designate separately for things like paper, plastics, or cans.

pull out trash cabinet with recycling areas
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4. Easier clean up

Food prep is one of the key functions of a kitchen, but it can be hard to get leftover food waste from a counter to a trash can if a free-standing bin is on the other side of the space. Many pull out trash cabinets are designed to be placed directly under high-use counter areas, so you can simply sweep the waste into the garbage.

A clever kitchen idea is to include a slide out butcher block directly above your pull out trash cabinet. This allows you to prepare your food and dispose of any waste quickly and cleanly. When you’re done, it simply slides back into place and out of sight.

pull out trash cabinet with butcher block
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If you have a large kitchen with more than one sink, consider placing pull out garbage bins next to each one. That not only helps with counter top waste disposal, it’s also convenient for disposing of paper towels and other waste after you wash up.

Are you planning a kitchen remodel and aren’t sure where to start? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!

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