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How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most pressing questions you’ll likely ask is, “How much do new kitchen cabinets cost?” It’s a valid concern. Cabinets are not only functional elements that provide necessary storage, but they also play a significant role in defining the design and aesthetic of your kitchen. Understanding the cost involved is crucial for planning a successful kitchen remodel.

At Lamont Bros. Design & Construction, we’ve spent years guiding homeowners through the intricate process of kitchen remodeling. Our experience in custom home remodeling, particularly in kitchen renovations, has provided us with opportunities to educate clients on the costs and processes of these projects.

In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of new kitchen cabinets and the various factors that can affect it. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand more about what to expect when opening your checkbook for new kitchen cabinets. You can expect to read about:

Factors Influencing the Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets

When trying to estimate the cost of kitchen cabinets, it’s important to recognize that the price tag is influenced by a variety of factors. From the quality of the cabinets to the materials used and customization options, each aspect contributes to the overall cost. Let’s break down the most influential factors to give you a clearer understanding of what you’re investing in.

Quality Levels

The quality of your kitchen cabinets is a significant determinant of cost. Generally, cabinets are categorized into three levels: good, better, and best.

Good: These are often stock cabinets that are pre-made and come in standard sizes. They are functional but offer limited customization options.

Better: These cabinets offer a balance between cost and customization. You’ll find more variety in terms of finishes, styles, and sizes.

Best: These are high-end cabinets, usually custom-made to fit your specific needs. They offer the most in terms of material quality, durability, and customization options.

Customization Options

The level of customization you want in terms of style, features, and finishes will also affect the cost of your new kitchen cabinets. Customization can range from the type of wood used to the finish and hardware.

Wood Species: Choices like cherry and oak tend to be more affordable, while hickory and maple could drive the cost of your cabinets up 20-25%.

stained cabinets in a Portland, Oregon kitchen
The wood species can affect the cost of your kitchen cabinets.

Style & Finish: Cabinet manufacturers generally offer more door styles and finish color options on their higher-end lines. Entry-level cabinets might only have a handful of door styles and 5-10 available paint or stain options On the other hand, premium cabinets are usually fully customizable in terms of style and color.

Hardware & Inserts: While most standard cabinets come with shelves and drawers, these aren’t your only options. Although more expensive, there is a long list of available customized cabinet inserts, such as trash-can inserts, roll-out shelves, and even lifters for heavy kitchen appliances.

Material Choices

The type of material used in the construction of your cabinets can also affect the cost. The most common materials include:

Wood: A popular but expensive choice, wood cabinets offer durability and unparalleled visual style. Wood cabinets can be stained or painted in any color.

Laminate: Also a more budget-friendly material, laminate offers excellent durability and visual appeal. Laminate cabinets feature a styled veneer glued to a wood or MDF core board. 

laminate cabinets in a Portland Oregon kitchen
Laminate cabinets offer a good balance of affordability, visual appeal, and durability.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): Made from finely ground wood chips pressed into a particle board, MDF is a more affordable option that offers a smooth finish for paint. MDF is only a good option for flat colors as it has no wood grain and therefore should not be stained. 

What Is the Cost Range for New Kitchen Cabinets?

When it comes to the actual costs of new kitchen cabinets, the numbers vary widely depending on the factors discussed above. However, an approximate budget range can at least help you begin budgeting for your new kitchen. 

Based on our experience in kitchen remodeling and our connections with locally based cabinet manufacturers, we’ve gathered some data to give you a clearer picture of what you might expect to spend.
When budgeting for new kitchen cabinets, it’s often helpful to consider your space in terms of cost per linear foot of cabinetry. This means that every linear foot of wall space occupied by a cabinet should be factored into the cost. For the ranges presented below, linear footage for upper cabinets and base cabinets are counted separately. An average kitchen in Oregon typically has 40-50 linear feet of cabinetry. 

Good Quality Cabinets

For cabinets that fall under the “good” quality category, you’re looking at stock cabinets with limited customization options. These cabinets are functional and come in standard sizes and colors. 

According to information from previous projects our team has completed, the cost per linear foot in this category is about $300.

This means that for a complete kitchen cabinet package, you can expect to spend anywhere between $15,000 to $25,000.

entry level cabinetry

Better Quality Cabinets

The “better” quality cabinets offer a bit more in terms of customization and variety. These cabinets come in more colors, sizes, and even some minimal customization options. The average cost per linear foot in this category is about $500. 

For a full kitchen of “better” cabinets, your budget should be in the range of $30,000 to $50,000.

Best Quality Cabinets

The “best” quality cabinets are the high-end, custom-made options. These cabinets offer the most in terms of material quality, durability, and customization options. The cost per linear foot in best-level cabinetry can reach up to $1,200. 

For a full custom kitchen cabinet package, you can expect to pay between $55,000 to $80,000.

Best level cabinetry comes with a high level of customizability.

Strategies for Budget-Friendly Cabinet Choices

When budgeting for your new kitchen cabinets, there are several strategies you can employ to achieve a beautiful and functional space without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly tips.

Stick to Standard Sizes and Colors

One of the most straightforward ways to save money is to stick with standard sizes and colors for your cabinets. Custom sizes and unique colors can significantly increase the cost. Venturing into custom sizes and non-standard colors elevates your cabinet package from entry-level into custom or semi-custom, which can immediately double your cost. 

Minimize Accessories

Another strategy is to minimize the number of accessories you add to your cabinets. While drawer pullouts, lazy susans, and spice racks are nice to have, they also add to the overall cost. One of the first go-to strategies when trying to slim down your budget is to forego the more customized accessories for your cabinet inserts.

Work with a Professional Designer

Working with a professional designer can help you avoid additional hidden costs. A designer can guide you in selecting standard sizes, minimizing accessories, and choosing budget-friendly materials. They can also creatively design a kitchen that adds more storage without necessarily adding more cabinets, thus saving you money.

Plan for Installation Costs

Finally, it’s important to be mindful of the installation costs. Current cabinet installation labor costs run about $100 per hour.  Larger, taller, and heavier cabinets will generally cost more to install.  If you’re considering full-height cabinets, understand that they will be more expensive both in terms of the cabinet cost and the installation.

cabinet installation
Cabinet installation labor runs about $100 per hour of work.

Want to Learn More About Kitchen Remodeling?

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