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Creative Home Gym Ideas for 2021

The holidays are fast approaching and so is the new year, resolutions and all. Consistently one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is exercising more. And it can be easier to find the motivation if your gym is right inside your home. So how do you create a home gym that meets your needs? Here are some creative home gym ideas for 2021.

home gym ideas: creative artwork
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Of course, working out is a great way to stay fit, but studies show it also has a range of other health benefits, such as relieving stress, and improving mood.

And you don’t need a lot of equipment to transform a space in your house to a home gym. Whether you’ve got a spare bedroom, or are looking at converting your garage, attic, or other space into a workout area, here are some home gym ideas to set things in motion. 

Choose the space

Spare room

The first decision you’ll likely want to make is where to set up your home gym. The type of activities you plan on doing can be your guide here. For example, if you’re looking for more of a yoga studio vibe, an extra bedroom can work well.

Basement, Garage, or ADU

If you’re considering doing some heavy weightlifting, converting a basement, garage, an ADU, or another space on a lower floor of your home may work best — an attic may not be ideal if you’re going to plunking down a lot of barbells after an intense dead lifting session or a lot of potentially loud high intensity cardio work!

If you choose a garage or basement, consider finishing it if it isn’t already to provide better temperature control and noise reduction.


attic home gym
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A finished attic space can be ideal for a stationary bike, some light free weights, and core-focused equipment like ab rollers, Bosu balls, or inflatable exercise balls. You’ll likely want to have some form of temperature control in this space as well to keep things comfortable.


One of the most important decisions for your home gym is the flooring. And here, the home gym ideas abound. Regardless of the type of exercise, you’ll want something durable to withstand intense workouts, moisture-resistant because chances are you’ll build up a sweat, and easy to clean. Let’s look at some options…

Puzzle mat foam tiles

home gym ideas: foam tiles
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Interlocking foam tiles a durable and relatively inexpensive choice. These are ideal if you only need protection for part of your existing floor or if your exercise space is relatively small. They come in various sizes and thicknesses, though 24″ x 24″ and 1/2″ thick is the most common. And you can choose from several different colors.

The tiles simply fit together like a jigsaw, are water-resistant, and bounce back from major impacts, like having a weight dropped on them.

Rubber flooring

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Another durable and waterproof option is rubber floors. These often come in tiles or large rolls that you simply apply over the existing floor. It’s also a good sound dampener for those louder workouts. Depending on what you choose, it can be a bit pricey, and large rolls can be heavy, but if you’re planning on doing a lot of intense exercise, this material is a great option.

Vinyl flooring

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Another practical choice is vinyl. Like the others, it’s highly durable and water-resistant, and can handle a fair amount of wear and tear from your home gym workouts. Because options include ones that mimic wood floors, it also offers a bit more in the way of style and design, allowing you to create a more refined look and feel in your space. And, it’s easy to clean.

Cork flooring

home gym ideas: cork floors
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If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option, cork may be right for you. It’s made from renewable sources, can handle heavier workouts, is soft underfoot, and helps reduce sound. It’s also fire and mildew resistant. But be careful of dragging heavy equipment over it as that can cause tears and scratches, and cork can be dented if equipment rests on it for long periods of time.

Artificial turf

home gym ideas: turf
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For the maximum athletic look, you may want to check out artificial turf flooring. Not only does it cover up dirt and other marks, but it’s great if you’re into using heavier equipment like weighted sleds. Plus, it offers optimal traction for high intensity workouts with a lot of quick foot movements. Visually, it can make quite a statement as well.


The look and feel of your home gym is also important. Do you want a more industrial look or something a bit more rustic? Or is a zen-like escape more your style? This is where you can really let your personality shine. Here are home gym ideas focusing on design.

Bright and Bold

Make a splash with your home gym by incorporating bright colors and bold patterns. Consider large, contrasting stripes throughout the space to help create a sense of dimension. The look can extend to the ceilings and floors as well. Adding some colorful artwork and brightly colored equipment can tie everything together.

home gym ideas: bold colors
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home gym ideas: industrial look
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Want to let the equipment take center stage? Then let form follow function with a more industrial, spartan look to your home gym. Bare concrete walls, utilitarian lighting, neutral colors like grays, and commercial flooring options like rubber or foam mats can help complete the look of an ultra-functional space.

Peaceful retreat

home gym ideas: yoga room
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Create a sense of calm and inner peace by incorporating some simple design elements into your space. Lighter neutral colors, some minimal artwork, yoga mats, and a mirror may be all you need to get started on building your own in home yoga retreat. For some extra warmth and comfort, consider adding a few pillows throughout the space.


For a look with more character and charm, try going rustic. Features like exposed brick walls, warmer lighting, ceiling beams, and wood-style flooring can all help this look take shape, while you get in shape. Other design elements like old-timey wall clocks and period artwork can complete the look also increase the rustic feel.

home gym ideas: rustic
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home gym ideas: storage
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Of course, you’ll also want a place to store all of your equipment, whether that’s a set of dumbbells, yoga mats, foam rollers, or other items you need for your gym. From built-ins to storage racks, you have plenty of options. But the real benefits are a better organized work out area and one that can help you prevent injuries by avoiding equipment that may otherwise be left strewn around your gym space.

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic or simply are looking to create a space to help you get healthier, a home gym can provide years of lasting benefits.

Are you thinking about adding a gym to your home? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!