Good Better Best: Toilet Options For Your Bathroom

When designing a bathroom remodel, the toilet you choose will have a major impact on how your bathroom looks and functions. Although selecting a toilet might not seem like the most exciting endeavor, taking the time to consider the options and decide which one best matches your needs can make a big difference in how you experience your bathroom. To help you make sense of the different toilet options out there, let’s break them down into good, better, and best.

As one of the top remodeling companies in the Portland Metro Area, our team at Lamont Bros. has seen our fair share of bathroom remodels. When designing a bathroom, we help homeowners think critically about their needs and select products and materials to meet them. Having been through hundreds of bathroom remodels, we’re very familiar with the different product options available, including different types of toilets. 

This article will help you understand the various toilet products available by breaking them down into good, better, and best categories. With this information, you’ll be able to identify which toilet will best fit your lifestyle and needs. We’ll cover several different toilet options, discussing their strengths and weaknesses to help you better understand what each one has to offer. Specifically, we will discuss:

Good: Basic Porcelain Toilets

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, the good category of toilets offers a solid foundation of functionality and value. These models, primarily made from porcelain, provide the essential features needed in any bathroom without the frills and additional costs associated with higher-end options.

Opting for a good-level toilet doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Rather, it means prioritizing straightforward functionality and durability in the bathroom’s most essential feature. These toilets are well-suited for homeowners seeking practical, durable solutions on a budget.

Porcelain Standard

Porcelain, the material of choice for good-level toilets, is favored for its affordability and strength. It’s made from a ceramic material that, once kiln-fired, becomes incredibly hard and resistant to moisture, making it an ideal candidate for the bathroom environment.

American Standard Toilet

Advantages of Good-Level Toilets:

Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most appealing aspects of basic porcelain toilets is their affordability. These toilets offer homeowners a cost-efficient option without compromising on essential quality or functionality.

Durability: Porcelain’s composition ensures that toilets in this category can withstand the rigors of daily use. Its resistance to scratches, cracks, and stains means a long lifespan.

Variable Height Options: Basic porcelain toilets in the “good” category are available in both standard and chair heights, providing options to accommodate different user needs. The availability of different heights enhances accessibility, particularly for individuals with mobility challenges.

Challenges of Good-Level Toilets:

Cleaning Difficulties: Toilets with the standard, non-skirted design have visible plumbing bends and crevices that can make thorough cleaning more difficult. The exposed bends and caps may accumulate dirt and grime, which require extra effort to maintain cleanliness.

Aesthetic Simplicity: If you’re looking for a toilet that makes a design statement, basic porcelain options may fall short. These toilets typically feature a simple, functional design without any of the enhanced visual elements found in higher tiers.

Standard Flushing Technology: The flushing mechanics of good-category toilets are usually less advanced than those in higher-end models. This means they may use more water per flush and have less powerful flushing capabilities.

Better: Skirted Design Toilets with Enhanced Features

In the “Better” category, toilets feature more aesthetic designs and enhanced functionality that cater to both aesthetic preferences and ease of use. These toilets are still primarily made from porcelain but include additional features that offer some significant upgrades from the basic models in the “good” category.

Toto Toilet

Skirted Porcelain Toilets

In this tier, the focus shifts slightly toward incorporating design elements that enhance visual appeal while improving ease of maintenance. This includes skirted toilets, which feature a base that covers the plumbing and gives the toilet a sleeker look.

Advantages of Better-Level Toilets:

Improved Aesthetics: Rather than show exposed plumbing bends in the base of the toilet, skirted toilets have a wide base that completely hides the internal piping. 

Advanced Flushing Technology: Toilets in the “better” category feature improved flushing systems that are more efficient in water usage and provide more powerful waste removal.

Ease of Cleaning: The skirted design significantly reduces the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate. As a result, these toilets are easier to clean and maintain.

Challenges of Better-Level Toilets:

Moderate Price Increase: With additional features and improved design, the toilets in this category come at a higher cost compared to the basic models. 

Installation Considerations: The skirted design often requires more complex installation, potentially increasing the labor hours and cost of installation compared to standard toilets.

Limited Customization: While these toilets offer more style than the basic options, they still don’t provide the level of customization available in the “best” category. 

Best: High-end Toilets with Advanced Features

The “Best” category in toilet options represents the latest advancements in design and functionality, offering features that cater to both aesthetic design and user-centric luxuries. Ideal for those who seek the best in bathroom comfort and style, these toilet options often include smart technology and sleek, space-saving designs.

High-End Toilets

Toilets in this category go beyond traditional designs, introducing configurations and technologies that set them apart from lower-tier models. From wall-mounted designs with hidden tanks to smart toilets with interactive features, the “best” category is defined by its innovation and luxury.

modern wall mounted toilet with tile backsplash
Wall-mounted toilet by Toto

Advantages of Best-Level Toilets:

Space-Saving Designs: Wall-mounted toilets and in-wall tanks not only save space but also enhance the bathroom’s visual appeal by providing a minimalist look that maximizes the available floor space.

Smart Features: Smart toilets in this category may include customizable lighting, automatic lids, remote controls, and bidet functionalities, which not only increase comfort but also provide great convenience and hygiene.

Color and Finish Options: Unlike the more standard options found in other categories, high-end toilets are available in various colors and finishes, allowing for better integration into custom bathroom designs.

Challenges of Best-Level Toilets:

Highest Costs: The advanced features and premium designs of these toilets come at a significantly higher price point, making them a more considerable investment compared to other categories.

Complex Installation Requirements: The installation of high-end toilets, especially those that are wall-mounted or feature in-wall tanks, can be complex and costly.

Maintenance and Repairs: With advanced technology such as electronic bidets and smart controls, these toilets may require more specialized maintenance and are potentially more prone to needing repairs.

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