Good Better Best: Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

Chances are, you’re going to use the sink and faucet more than any other plumbing fixture in your bathroom – more than your shower, bathtub, or toilet. So, while it may not be the most exciting feature, selecting the right sink and faucet can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s design. To help you make sense of the different sinks and faucets available, let’s break them down into good, better, and best.

At Lamont Bros. Design & Construction, we help homeowners just like you navigate the process of remodeling their bathrooms. When it comes to choosing sinks and faucets, our design team has worked with hundreds of Portland area homeowners to find the perfect options for their needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional vanity sink or something to make a statement, there are plenty of products to choose from.

In this article, we’ll discuss several different bathroom sinks and faucets, breaking them down into good, better, and best options. After reading, you’ll better understand the options so you can choose what’s best for your bathroom. The specific products and options we’ll discuss include:

Good: Porcelain & Vitreous China Sinks, Chrome & Stainless Faucets

The “good” category provides a basic level of functionality and style options. It caters primarily to homeowners seeking affordable sinks and faucets with reliable performance and no-frills design.

Good Sinks: Porcelain and Vitreous China

Sinks in this category are primarily made from traditional porcelain or vitreous china. 

Vitreous china is a glazed form of ceramic that provides a high-gloss, durable surface. On the other hand, porcelain is a denser, finely grained ceramic known for its robustness and classic aesthetic. 

These sinks come in oval or rectangular designs and are offered as topmount or undermount to fit various bathroom vanities.


Cost-Effective: Because of the low material cost and limited design options, sinks in this category are very affordable.

Durability: The materials are tough against scratches and stains, ideal for frequent usage.

Ease of Installation: Standard shapes and sizing options facilitate straightforward installations.


Aesthetic Limitations: The basic styling and traditional color options may not suit all decor preferences.

Feature Simplicity: SInks in this category lack advanced features like built-in enhancements or innovative drainage solutions.

Visual Adaptability: The glossy finish might clash with non-traditional or modern bathroom aesthetics.

Good Faucets: Chrome & Stainless Steel

Faucets in the “Good” tier are typically made from chrome or stainless steel. 

Chrome offers a plated mirror-like finish that catches the eye but shows smudges and water spots. 

Stainless steel is less lustrous but highly resistant to corrosion and wear, supporting frequent use without visible tarnishing.


Low Cost: Faucets in this category are priced to provide essential functionality at an accessible cost.

Simple Operation: Single-handle or dual-handle designs are straightforward and user-friendly, particularly in compact spaces.

Material Durability: Both chrome and stainless steel maintain their integrity and appearance under regular use.


Technological Simplicity: Absence of high-end features such as eco-friendly water flow or ergonomic designs.

Frequent Maintenance: Chrome and stainless require more cleaning and maintenance to keep their shiny appearance clean and smudge-free.

Design Limitations: Basic designs might not meet the aesthetic or functional needs of all homeowners, particularly those looking for a focal point in their bathroom design.

Better: Cast Iron & Metal Sinks, Nickel & Bronze Faucets

The “Better” category for bathroom sinks and faucets introduces upgrades in both materials and design options. Products in this tier cater to homeowners looking for more sophisticated choices beyond the basic essentials, without stepping into the highest luxury tier.

Better Sinks

This category includes sinks made from cast iron or other metals such as copper or bronze. These products offer durability and more visually unique designs. 

Sinks in this category may feature a variety of shapes that can add a distinct look to any bathroom. They are also available in more configuration options, such as wall-mounted and semi-recessed.


Enhanced Durability: Materials like cast iron are known for their strength and longevity, making them ideal for frequent use.

Aesthetic Flexibility: Metal sinks offer more varied design options that can serve as focal points or complement other bathroom decor.

Ease of Cleaning: Despite their detailed designs, these sinks are typically easy to maintain, thanks to their durable finishes.


Increased Weight: The heavier materials, like cast iron, require more structural support, potentially increasing the cost of the vanity it sits on.

Higher Cost: These sinks are more expensive than those in the “Good” category due to their materials and complex designs.

Installation Requirements: Wall-mounted and semi-recessed options may require more extensive installation efforts, which could increase overall costs.

Better Faucets

Faucets in this tier are often available in finishes such as brushed or polished nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. 

These materials not only feature more visual warmth but also offer a more sophisticated and luxurious feel compared to basic chrome or stainless steel. 

The faucets typically feature double handles with an eight-inch wide offset, providing more space between components for easier cleaning.


Improved Aesthetics: The wider choice of finishes allows these faucets to better match a wide range of bathroom styles, from modern to traditional.

Functional Design: The offset between the spout and handles offers better ergonomics and makes cleaning easier.

Durable and Easy to Maintain: These materials are generally resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.


Installation Complexity: Faucets with separate spouts and handles require three holes for installation, limiting compatibility with some sink types and increasing installation costs.

Maintenance Considerations: While generally durable, oil-rubbed bronze can show scratches and may need regular polishing to maintain its appearance.

Cost Implications: Higher quality materials and finishes translate into a higher initial investment compared to basic options.

Best: Composite, Glass, & Custom Sinks, Black, Brass, Brushed Gold Faucets

The “Best” category features bathroom sinks and faucets that offer luxury and more advanced technology. This tier is ideal for those who value quality and customizability and are looking to invest in standout pieces for their bathroom.

Best Sinks: Composite, Glass, & Custom Options

This tier includes sinks crafted from composite, glass, and other specialty materials such as handmade or intricately painted designs. 

Composite sinks are made from a blend of materials including natural stone dust and acrylic resins, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing product that can mimic the appearance of natural stone. 

Each material offers unique benefits and aesthetic appeal, from the subtle elegance of composite to the striking presence of glass.


Visual Impact: High-end sinks — especially glass and custom-made options — serve as the centerpiece of a bathroom, offering a range of colors and textures that catch the eye.

Customization and Uniqueness: Handmade and painted sinks provide opportunities for customization with unique patterns and irregularities that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

Versatility in Design: “Best” level sinks are available in freestanding formats like pedestal or console sinks, and can be tailored in various shapes and sizes to fit the specific design needs of any bathroom.


Color Limitations: Composite sinks, while durable, are typically available only in neutral colors, which may limit design flexibility.

Care Requirements: Specialty materials may require more constant maintenance to preserve their appearance.

Investment Cost: The high level of craftsmanship and material quality in these sinks often comes with a higher price tag, reflecting their premium status.

Best Faucets: Black, Brass, Brushed Gold

Faucets at this level are available in luxurious finishes like black, brass, brushed gold, and other specialty options. 

Each finish offers a unique aesthetic, from the modern edge of black metal to the classic warmth of brass.  Advanced models may include waterfall and wall-mounted faucet options.


Aesthetic Diversity: Specialty finishes provide distinctive beauty that can elevate the entire bathroom design.

Innovative Features: Wall-mounted faucets offer a sleek, minimalist look and free up counter space, making the bathroom appear more spacious and tidy.

Longevity and Style: High-quality materials ensure durability while maintaining their luxurious appearance over time.


Trend Sensitivity: Some finishes, like black, may become outdated quicker than more traditional options, requiring careful consideration based on long-term style preferences.

Maintenance and Durability: Specialty finishes may be less durable and can develop a patina over time, which could be desirable for some but a drawback for others.

Complex Installation: The installation of wall-mounted faucets involves more extensive plumbing work, potentially increasing the complexity and cost of the installation process.