Buyer’s Guides

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, home addition, or any other type of renovation project, knowing what to expect before you begin can make a world of difference. A buyer’s guide can help you understand the options, process, and costs associated with the project you are exploring. 

Kitchen Remodel Buyer’s Guide

The design of your kitchen can have a tremendous effect on the functionality, style, and value of your home. Learn about the different types of kitchen remodels, associated costs, and best practices when choosing a kitchen remodel contractor.

Bathroom Remodel Buyer’s Guide

Remodeling your bathroom is about tailoring the space to your specific needs and style. Discover your remodeling options in this guide. In it, we’ll cover the different ways to remodel your bathroom, the potential cost, and best practices.

Home Addition Buyer’s Guide

Love your home, but need more space? An addition can help you expand your living space without needing to move. In this buyer’s guide, learn about the types of home additions, what they cost, and how you can find a great contractor for the job.

Basement Remodel Buyer’s Guide

A basement is a source of untapped potential in your home. Take advantage of the extra space by remodeling it into something you can use! In this guide, learn about basement remodeling process, challenges, and industry best practices.

Remodeling Essential Series

Beginning a remodeling project can come with a lot of unknowns. What does the remodeling process look like? How do I find a contractor who will do a good job? What’s the best way to finance a remodel? To help you along in your journey, we’ve created several resources you can use to educate yourself on home remodeling so you can make the most important decisions with confidence.

3 Steps to Choosing Your Contractor

A contractor can make or break a remodel. Find the best contractor for your project by downloading this 3-step guide. In it, we’ll discuss the different types of contractors, common red flags, and the questions you should make sure to ask.

6 Steps to A Successful Remodel

The remodeling process can feel overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have a clear roadmap. By downloading our 6-Step Guide to a Successful Remodel, you’ll be able to identify the specific steps of a remodel and what to expect during each one.

Remodel Funding Guide

Paying cash for a remodel is great if you can afford it, but financing can also be a good option. In our Remodel Funding Guide, learn about the different financing options available to you, so you can choose the one works best for your home.

Identifying Your Home’s Style

The Portland Metro Area has a rich history of home styles. In our Portland Home Style Guide, learn about some of the most popular home architectural styles in Portland, and which remodeling projects they can often benefit from.

Design Style Questionnaire

Having trouble identifying your personal design style for your home? To help you identify and communicate your style and aesthetic preferences, we’ve created this helpful design questionnaire. Fill it out to better understand your own style!

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