About Us

Lamont Bros. is a team of amazing talent that brings together vision, creativity, and craftsmanship to build beautiful living spaces. The name Lamont is the Scottish clan name of founders David and Joseph Patrick. It emphasizes old world craftsmanship, longevity and the vision and creativity of the Celts.

Our building philosophy stems from a belief that what we do matters. Architecture is something that is often here long after we are gone. We want to build something that is amazingly beautiful now—but will also remain amazingly beautiful for generations. When designed and constructed right this can be true of almost any style. To have a beauty that lasts durability is essential. We work hard to find and use only the best products so that your living space will last your lifetime.

We specialize in residential (and some small commercial) remodels and renovations. Our design team will work with you to design a living space that capitalizes on the original charm of your house and brings out new beauty that wasn’t there before. The construction team takes care in the smallest details possible to complete the original vision with class.

Kitchens and bathrooms provide a wonderful avenue to blend together usefulness and beauty. The modern kitchen is a production space, but much more than ever before it has become an entertaining space. Bathrooms are tremendous places to showcase amazing tile and stone work while using advanced technology to insure protection against all water penetration.

Finishing a basement is the most cost-effective way to add value and living space to your house. Portland is replete with old basements that have never been fully utilized. Additions provide a challenge to incorporate new living space into an old design and modernize the old while fully utilizing the new.

Whatever your design and remodeling dreams, we are here to help you dream and make it happen.

We’ll look forward to beginning the design process.

– Joseph and David Patrick