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About Lamont Bros

It's time for a change

If you're like most of our clients, you have a home, but it's time for a change. Your home might be outdated, too small or in need of repair. Your home might be someone else's style and not reflect you. You might have just had your first child and need an extra room--or you might be retiring and need to set yourself up for the next 30 years to live in comfort and style.

Whatever it is, you're ready for a change. You're ready to make a change to your home so that it reflects you and you can  flourish in all areas of your life because where you are--day-in and day-out--is just the way it should be.


But there's something in the way, isn't there?

You've probably heard all the remodeling horror stories from friends, colleagues and on the news. Remodeling is so complex and there are so many things that can go wrong.

You've heard of:

  • Budgets that were doubled by the time the project was over
  • Late schedules
  • Unknown surprises hidden in your walls
  • No communication from a contractor who was great in the beginning
  • Living in a construction zone for much longer than you had planned

You might feel excited to make a change, but hesitant given everything that you know about remodeling

We've been there too

Both of us brothers have been there. We've both had our homes torn apart and know what it's like to live through the inconvenience of a major remodel. We know what it's like to put our families through a remodel--and come out successfully on the other side.

We have remodeled homes for over a decade in the Portland area. Portland has many more beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms and entire homes than when we started.

We know what it's like to plan a well prepared project and execute the plan. We know how to foresee major problems and address unforeseen problems so they aren't major problems to you.


We can help you have a great remodel

We've developed a design/build process that will help you have a successful remodeling experience. That process starts with a conversation with one of our design consultants. You'll want to think through your priorities so that you can get the most out a conversation that can start the change you're looking for.

We'd be happy to start. Just schedule a conversation below.