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2020 Remodel Trends: Color and Pattern

Many of our clients are asking for clean, light color palettes these days, incorporating a lot of white and light grays. But that doesn’t mean brighter, bolder design elements should be shelved completely. Here are 7 sharp 2020 remodel trends to help infuse more color and patterns into your home.

When it comes to adding color to a space, a painted accent wall can be an easy and relatively inexpensive option. And while we still do the odd accent wall from time to time, we’re also finding many more creative ways to infuse colorful elements.

1. Darker kitchen cabinetry

One of the more popular 2020 remodel trends when it comes to color is the use of darker tones on cabinets, or a mix of dark and light. The contrast between lighter upper cabinets and darker lower ones, or just using a dark tone for the island cabinets, can help draw the eye to various areas of the kitchen and break up an otherwise all white or light colored palette.

2020 remodel trends: dark kitchen cabinets

Darker faux-wood cabinetry and island finishes are also a hot trend right now. The natural-looking surface can lend a subtle modern touch to a room.

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2. Pastels

A great way to create a sense of warmth and coziness to a space is by using pastel shades. Lighter blues, greens, and yellows are becoming increasingly popular choices, especially in kitchens. Those softer colors can help liven up a space without creating overly harsh contrasts.

2020 remodel trends: color and pattern
Central Irvington Kitchen Remodel

3. Darker floor colors

Choosing to go with floor materials that are darker can also help add some color and contrast to a space, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or other area. In a kitchen, it can provide a more seamless transition from darker lower cabinets. It can also be a great way to incorporate color in other rooms, especially those that otherwise have a much lighter color scheme.

2020 remodel trends: darker floors
darker bathroom floors
dark laundry room floors

4. Bold Backsplashes

A classic white subway tile is still a popular — and functional — backsplash choice for many homeowners. But we’re seeing more clients veer toward more adventurous styles as well. Using contrasting tile colors and patterns, or even taking the color wheel for a real spin, can add some sharp visual interest to a kitchen space.

colorful tile backsplash
colorful tile backsplash

5. Patterned and textured bathroom surfaces

Adding a tactile element, especially with contrasting bathroom tiles, can not only give a space more visual emphasis, it can also help create a greater sense of dimensionality. Subtle patterns, like intermittent mosaics on the shower wall or the bathroom floor can also provide added visual interest. And if you’re feeling bold, a solid stone wall in something like marble or granite can really make a statement!

wavy tile and glass tile in shower remodel
mosaic tile on bathroom floor
marble wall in bathroom remodel

6. Wallpaper

A versatile way to add color and a visual pop to a space is through wallpaper. It’s easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, and flexible. Whether you like, bold, subtle, floral, or something in between, chances are you’ll find a design that matches your style.

2020 remodel trends: wallpaper

7. Brass or copper fixtures

Another hot 2020 remodel trend when it comes to color is a move away from stainless steel or nickel finishes on fixtures, towards more brass and copper tones. The warmer hues can help liven up a space, especially with a lot of stainless steel appliances, and provide a pleasant contrast in areas that have predominantly lighter, sleeker profiles.

brass faucet
copper bathroom fixtures

Adding these looks to your home

Thinking about incorporating one or several of these 2020 remodel trends into your home? We’re happy to help! Just schedule a conversation with one of our experienced design consultants!