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2020 Kitchen Trends: 7 Sophisticated New Ideas

Your kitchen is likely the hub of your home, so it should be well-designed to handle the needs of you and your family. Whether you’re thinking of doing a major remodel or just making a few updates, here are 7 of the most sophisticated 2020 kitchen trends to give you some inspiration.

pull out kitchen drawer divider

Some kitchen design elements, like good flow and clean lines, will never go out of style. But adding one or more these chic new trends can take your kitchen to the next level.

1. Multiple cabinet finishes

These contrasting cabinet colors on top and bottom and visual interest and help better define distinct areas of the kitchen. Mixing wood with painted finishes is another way to achieve this contrasting look, while adding a flair of style and warmth.

2. Quartz backsplash

Quartz countertops have been around for a while, but a sharp new trend involves continuing the countertop into a seamless backsplash. This sleek look not only provides durable protection, it also makes for easier cleaning than a grouted tile option.

3. Varying cabinet heights

Using varying heights for your cabinets can help create a sense of spontaneity and whimsy in your kitchen. The look can open up a space by reducing the amount of symmetrical edges and seams and creating more breathing room between the cabinets and the ceiling.

4. Flatter cabinet doors

These more streamlined cabinet doors create a clean look and feel and are easier to maintain than more traditional styles, especially ones with ridges or channels.

5. Large sinks with drainboards

Bigger sinks are among the more popular requests we’re getting from clients. Not only can they handle more dishes, but the added drainboard can help make clean up easier all around!

6. Custom cabinet and drawer inserts

Great for gourmet cooks and amateurs alike, custom dividers can help keep your dishes, trays, and tools organized, and reduce wear and tear by preventing them from banging against each other. Adding pull out pantries can make the most out of your cabinet storage.

7. Tech command center

Gone are the days of wires and chargers strewn across your home’s surfaces. These tech-y kitchen command centers are a great way to de-clutter you space and keep all of your gadgets in one place.

Adding these looks to your kitchen

Thinking about incorporating one or several of these 2020 kitchen trends into your kitchen, but not sure where to get started? We’re happy to help! Just schedule a conversation with one of our experienced design consultants!