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Sellwood-Moreland Master Bath Remodel

The Home Remodeling Checklist: A Comprehensive Guide

A remodeling project involves a lot of moving pieces, so staying organized can really help set yours up for success. Our Home Remodeling Checklist is packed with ways to help you streamline your project and more efficiently create your dream space.

1. Prioritize

The first section in the Home Remodeling Design Checklist helps you prioritize your project’s features and components.


The initial list of features you want to identify are the must-haves. These are items you simply need to have in your project for you to be happy with it. Maybe it’s much more kitchen counter space, or a large walk-in shower. Whatever those key must-haves are, jot them down first, because these are the essentials.


Next, you want to take note of the nice to haves — those features that you don’t consider essential, but that you would really like to include in your remodel if possible. Maybe you’d really like some unique hand-made tile as part of your backsplash. That would be great to have, but if it puts too much of a strain on your budget, you’re ok with opting for a different material. Or maybe you’d really like a double oven, but you’re still good with a single one. List all of these out to help you prioritize.

home remodeling checklist: double ovens

Dream list

Third, write up your dream list of features. These are products or features that you may think you won’t be able to afford or find space for in your home. But by listing them out, this helps the designer understand everything that you’d love to see in your new space. Sometimes they can figure out a way to include those items while staying within your budget or they can repurpose existing space in a creative way. So it’s important to think through all 3 sections.

2. All about you

Next, consider the project details that customize the design to you. This includes who will be using the space, whether you need any special accommodations, or have any physical limitations that you’d like us to plan for. All of these things can help the designer create a space that will work best for you and your family.

3. Define your style

home remodeling checklist: bright kitchen
Alameda Kitchen Remodel

Another key aspect of the remodel planning process is defining your style. This is where you take note of the design elements you like and those you don’t. For example, you may prefer a more modern look and feel as opposed to something more traditional. Or maybe you really want a white kitchen versus having darker colored cabinets. You also want to specify how you’d like your space to feel when the remodel is complete. Are you going to for warm, cozy, sleek, casual? These are all important things for the designer to be aware of.

4. How will you use the space?

Next, spend some time thinking about how you will be using the new space. What sort of activities will you and you family be doing there? Do you entertain a lot? Do you want a space that can accommodate and enhance your love of music? Is exercise an important part of your life. All of these activities and their relative importance to you will impact the design and how it’s customized to you.

5. Define the materials

home remodeling checklist: reclaimed wood

Your preferences in terms of what sorts of materials you want in your new space are also important to take note of. For instance, you may want some reclaimed wood to lend a warmer feel and be more eco-friendly. Similarly, products with low VOCs — organically volatile compounds — may be something high on your list. Or you may really want natural stone countertops as opposed to something that’s engineered. Defining these at the outset will help streamline your project when it comes time to make product selections.

6. Specifying the feature details

Finally, you’ll get more specific with your product selections and start nailing down some of the design elements, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. Do you want a double vanity in the master bathroom? Do you want a steam shower or a hand held attachment? Or maybe body sprays?

In your kitchen, how much storage will you need? Do you want an area for a TV? Are you a gourmet cook and need high end appliances? All of these things should be noted on your checklist to help you better define what you want, and don’t want, in your remodel.

Wrap up

To help you plan for your next project, download our full design checklist. It includes key questions and style guidance to help you get a head start on your remodel.

You can also sign up for our complete home remodeling toolkit which includes a home renovation checklist, a contractor interview guide, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply for financing.

Are you planning a home remodel and aren’t sure where to start? We’re happy to discuss your project. Simply schedule a conversation with us!

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