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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Their First Remodel

Carpenters working on a home renovation

A home remodel can be an exciting and rewarding experience that enhances your life and adds value to your home. However, many homeowners begin the process of remodeling with certain expectations that aren’t always realistic or attainable. That’s why in order to set yourself up for success in your first remodel, there are several things…

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5 Hidden Costs of Kitchen Remodeling

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to have a predictable budget that you can rely on.  Yet, amidst the excitement of transforming your home, it’s possible you may encounter hidden costs that threaten to derail your kitchen remodeling ambitions, leading to budget overruns and unexpected challenges. As one of Portland’s most trusted remodeling companies,…

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5 Hidden Costs of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Hidden Costs

A bathroom remodel can bring new life to your home, add value to the property, or simply create a personal sanctuary for you to enjoy. However, in this excitement, many homeowners stumble upon hidden costs that can disrupt their bathroom remodeling plans, stretch their budget, or even halt the project entirely. While many of these…

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5 Common Bathroom Remodel Challenges

A bathroom remodel can present several challenges.

Every homeowner considering a bathroom remodel knows the anxiety of facing unknown challenges. What lies behind the walls? Will the project stay within budget? Are there unexpected design features that might stall the process? For many, these challenges can be overwhelming and even deter them from beginning a bathroom remodel altogether. At Lamont Bros. Design…

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Common Kitchen Airflow and Ventilation Problems

Part of ensuring the health and safety of your kitchen is making sure it is properly ventilated. By doing so, your kitchen will be able to remove heat and smoke generated while you cook. However, it’s common for homeowners to encounter a few design problems when altering the airflow and ventilation of their kitchen. At…

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How Do Setback and Zoning Laws Affect My Home Addition?

Dreaming of expanding your home? An addition can be an exciting venture. Maybe it’s for an extra bedroom, a sunroom, or perhaps a more spacious kitchen. But as your home addition takes shape, it’s vital to ensure that it also takes into account the very real limitations imposed by local zoning and setback laws. As…

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