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What to expect in a remodel construction contract

Your remodel is ready to move to the next phase. You’ve finalized the design plans, and now the only thing you have left to do is sign the construction contract. Intimidated? If signing your name on the dotted line makes you feel at least a little apprehensive, you’re not alone. When it comes to a…

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Should I file a change order for my remodel?

Picture this: You’re three weeks into a home remodel when a sudden stroke of genius hits you at 3 am. Instead of a 200 square foot addition for the kids’ playroom, you want a 500 square foot addition for a home gym. The solution? Submit a change order to your remodel team. As a home…

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What is Lamont Bros.’ warranty?

When you remodel your home, longevity matters. Nobody wants to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a renovation that falls apart within a few years. If you’re like most homeowners, a remodel is a sizable investment. You are well within your right to expect it to last a long time. At Lamont Bros., “Build…

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