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Our response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

Tanner Basin Kitchen


This project in the Tanner Basin neighborhood of West Linn is a perfect example of how at Lamont Bros. we use our creativity to create beautiful and budget friendly spaces. By keeping the existing kitchen layout, we reimagined the space into what is now an open concept for our clients to entertain.


An angled wall that served no purpose was removed to provide additional square footage. This, along with removing the large soffit and angled island provided a clean palette for this contemporary kitchen remodel. A thin profile hood vent now repeats the shape of the contemporary island below emphasizing the open concept plan.


The client’s taste is repeated throughout from the ogee edge on the kitchen island to the arabesque backsplash with sparkling midnight grout.  Our client’s love coffee so we provided a coffee bar equipped with it's own water supply for fresh brew everyday.