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Roseway Bathroom

Roseway Bathroom Remodel

Project Description

This Roseway neighborhood bathroom is located in a quaint little 1914 home.  This bathroom had a typical design for these older Portland homes. It was cramped, didn't meet modern building code for clearances and wasn't functional for the homeowner.  We proposed several different improved layouts--all of which had good points and bad points.

The biggest challenge that faced us was that the bathroom wasn't quite long enough by a matter of inches.  We didn't have enough space for a vanity and toilet unless we put in a very small pedestal sink.  The pedestal sink just wasn't enough space for the homeowner. The final design came from an idea the homeowner originally had when he saw some pre-fabricated vanity/toilet combinations that were made in the UK.  There isn't a company that makes anything like them in the US, but the system would technically meet Oregon Building Code.  We created a custom vanity that incorporated a wall-mount toilet that mounted to a specially designed bracing system hidden in the cabinet.  This gave the homeowner much more counter/vanity space and still a very functional toilet space that met code.

We enjoy projects like this that allow us to create something new and unique to meet a specific customer's needs.