Oregon City Custom Kitchen Remodel

Custom Kitchen Re-Design to Fix Previous Subpar Renovations

Several years ago, the owner of this 1911 historic home in Oregon City decided to remodel her kitchen. Unfortunately, the contractors she hired back then did a sub-par job of designing and constructing the new kitchen. 

After years of suffering through a poorly designed kitchen that didn’t meet her needs, the homeowner made the difficult decision to re-remodel her kitchen. However, this time, she understood the value of working with a contractor who combines design and construction work into a single remodeling process.

When the homeowner approached our team at Lamont Bros. to remodel her kitchen the right way, her goal was to transform it into a more usable space that would serve her needs as she ages. Because of the poor quality of the previous remodel, our team had to address several unique issues within the space. 

Conflicting cabinetry designs, limited storage space, and countertops too high for the owner’s short stature all contributed to the kitchen’s poor functionality. In addition to the functionality challenges, there were also a handful of technical problems with the kitchen’s design, including framing, plumbing, and historical preservation regulations

The first issue we had to address in this kitchen was the layout. Due to previous renovations and add-ons, the kitchen was essentially split into two parts. Although it was not feasible to try and combine these two spaces into one, our team did rearrange some of the appliance locations to make the layout more efficient and usable. The microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator all moved to new locations.

As previously mentioned, the homeowner’s shorter-than-average height played a role in the kitchen’s design, with most appliances and features needing to be lower. As a result, we installed custom-height cabinetry, as well as drawer dishwasher and microwave units. 

In addition to custom cabinetry and all new appliances, we also installed several floating shelves, Dekton sintered stone countertops, tile backsplash, and a custom breakfast nook in the corner of the kitchen. 

Now that the kitchen is complete, the homeowner is happier than ever in her new kitchen. What used to be a space that was intimidating and difficult to use has become a place designed specifically for her needs, where every appliance and shelf is within comfortable reach and the design is tailored exactly to her personal style.


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