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Beavercreek Bathroom Remodel

Project Description

Lamont Bros. own bathroom designer worked closely with the homeowner for this bathroom update and our in-house build team executed it well.  This house was secluded in the Beavercreek area with great views and surrounded by forestry and the tile chosen did a good job bringing the outdoors in!

You'll see in the photos above that we turned the necessary access hatch for the jetted tub into a feature using the detail tile.  This hatch is easily removed and securely fastened by strong magnets.

The challenge with this remodel was to update the bathroom on a budget and keep the look consistent with the rest of the house.  The rest of the house had oak cabinetry, and the owner didn't have it in the budget to replace all of it so we kept the existing oak cabinets and built that into the design scheme.

In a situation like this, we like to take elements of the existing house and create a good design that incorporates those elements into it--rather than creating a postage stamp design that looks good in a magazine but doesn't fit with the rest of the house. The result was a beautifully updated bathroom that adds beauty and comfort to the owner's life every day.