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Alameda Kitchen Remodel

Project Description

This beautiful kitchen remodel completely transformed a small crowded kitchen and a back porch in the historic Alameda Neighborhood of Portland. We took out a load-bearing wall and added several beams to support the upper floor and make space for a larger kitchen, added a small 1/2 bathroom and added some beautiful french doors that opened into the backyard.

Design Elements

You'll notice the contrast in this kitchen remodel. The navy blue island really pops against the major light and white tones in the floor tile, cabinetry and wood shelving and chairs.

The brass fixtures and hardware really stand out against the white and blue. They lend some warmth to the kitchen and add the warmth that makes it such an inviting space.

Special Features

The cabinet storage solutions included in this remodel help give the client customized storage for their own kitchen appliances and dishes. Notice the pull-out storage trays, corner solutions and a mixer lift. These storage solutions are a great way to improve any kitchen no matter how big or small the remodel.

The plug strips installed under the upper cabinets are a great way to keep the backsplash clean and free from visual disruption that normally comes from having outlets directly in the backsplash.

The under cabinet lighting is cut into the bottom of the cabinet to enable us to keep the lighting hidden when it's on and off.

The open shelves are attached with rods that are attached directly to studs to make the shelves strong enough to hold anything that will be put on them.

We love being transforming kitchens like this one. For info on transforming your home reach out to us to schedule a time to talk: https://lamontbros.com/contact-us/