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kitchen remodel with blue cabinets

Oregon City Kitchen Transformation

This beautiful house in Oregon City was a great home for our two clients, but they knew the kitchen needed some upgrading. The dark cabinets made the overall space seem gloomy and the layout left them feeling crowded when they were cooking together. We needed to improve the flow of the kitchen, brighten it up, and add more storage to make the space more usable and more inviting.

Project goals

  • Improve flow and spacing of kitchen so it didn’t feel cramped
  • Install new cabinets
  • Make space brighter
  • Add storage

Major challenges

The existing floor plan needed to stay intact for the most part, as the clients wanted to maintain access to an adjacent dining room. The clients also wanted to keep the functionality of their existing island and wanted to be able to cook in the space at the same time without running into each other or feeling boxed in. Plus, they needed the space overall to be brighter and more colorful.



  • Moved existing fridge closer to the range to improve kitchen flow
  • Removed part of a wall to enhance access to dining room
  • Moved microwave from over the oven to next to the fridge


  • Replaced dark wood stain cabinets with two-tone blue and white, including a custom hood
  • Included fold-away mixer stand and Lazy Susan in cabinetry
  • Added bold patterned backsplash
  • Chose textured subway tile for visual interest
  • Replaced old island and added new one with quartz countertops
  • Installed cost effective luxury vinyl tile flooring
  • Added large round pendant lights to brighten the space more

Overall design aesthetic

The original kitchen was dark and didn’t meet the functional needs of our clients. We needed to brighten it up, add some color, make it flow better, and provide more storage. The use of contrasting cabinet colors, glossy textured subway tiles, and a vivid patterned backsplash all helped make the space pop and be more inviting. And the layout changes, though relatively small, not only improved functionality, they also made the kitchen seem more airy and open. The result was a clean, colorful, contemporary kitchen.

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