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How to prepare for your final remodel photoshoot

Your home is starting to look like a home again! After weeks of waiting through the remodeling process, it’s almost time for you to start enjoying your newly renovated space. But even after the build team hammers in the final nail, there’s still one final step to prepare for: your remodel photoshoot.

Capturing the transformation of your home through professional photos is an important part of remodeling. That’s why at Lamont Bros., we incorporate a final photoshoot into the process of every remodel. Not only is it a great way to signify the end of construction, but it also serves several benefits to you and your build team. 

In this article, we’ll discuss:

What are the benefits of a final remodel photoshoot?

Aside from being “the cherry on top” to formally finish your remodel, a final photoshoot is a great way to visually document the finished build. It also provides you, the homeowner, with an easy way to show off your new remodel. 

Compare before and after photos (and show your friends)

Most remodelers take photos both before and after a remodel. It’s a simple yet effective way to showcase the quality of their work, and it allows you to appreciate just how far your home has come. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to decorate the new space for your “Martha Stewart” moment.

Chances are, your build team is also pretty pleased with the final product of their work. By photographing the remodel in its completion, they get the chance to provide other homeowners with a sample of what their services can offer. If you are satisfied with the process and craftsmanship of your remodel, you can look at these photos as a way of helping other people in your shoes get the same experience. 

Complete documentation and legal protection

Another benefit of a final photoshoot is that it protects your interests throughout the remodel process. The photos are meant to capture visual proof of the completion and quality of the finished build. An added benefit is that it holds your builders accountable to their standards. In other words, when your build team knows their work will be photographed, they’re more likely to see it as an opportunity to showcase excellent craftsmanship. 

It’s not likely, but there’s always a chance you may file a warranty claim in the future.  In this case, the final remodel photos can aid in identifying and solving any flaws in the original installation. It’s a way to hold your builders accountable even after the job has been completed. 

How can you prepare your remodel for the final photoshoot?

When a remodel team takes their build process seriously, they shouldn’t leave you much work to do for the final photoshoot. Part of our process at Lamont Bros. is that we typically hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the space after the work is completed. This gets rid of all the dust and dirt caused by construction work. However, there may be a handful of optional tasks you choose to take to make the most of your photoshoot. 

Decorate the space and tidy up

The ideal state of a home for final remodel photos is clean but furnished. Once the build team wraps up construction, you can go to town on decorating the space however you’d like. Furniture, wall art, knick-knacks, and whatever else fits your style are welcome in the space. After all, it’s yours!

The goal of your remodel photoshoot is to capture your renovated home as you intend to live in it. Since the design of your remodel reflects your unique needs as a homeowner, the photos should highlight that.

You’ll likely be fully “moved in” and using the space by the time of the final shoot. As much as you’re able, try to leave the area in a clean and clutter-free state when the photographer arrives. This may mean clearing off counters, wiping down dusty surfaces, and sweeping/vacuuming. If the project involved exterior work, make sure to move your car and garbage bins out of view. The cleaner the space, the faster the photographer can get in and out of your home. 

The ideal setup for a final photoshoot: the space is clean, but furnished and decorated.

Make a list of any specific photos you want taken

The photographer should arrive at the photoshoot with an idea of what needs to be photographed. However, they don’t know the design or layout nearly as well as you do. Perhaps there might be a certain area, function, or feature you want photos of. 

In this case, it’s best to communicate your expectations. Our team wil guide the photographer to capture shots that showcase the overall design of the remodel. We also want to know if you have anything specific that you’d like us to shoot. Tell your remodel team what shots you’d like for your own use, and we’ll make sure to work those into the shoot schedule.

Leave the space during the photoshoot if possible

The photographer will likely work faster and more efficiently when there are no distractions in the space. Additionally, they will set up some sensitive photography lighting equipment that can be easily knocked over by pets or kids.

For these reasons, it’s best if you and your family can leave the space during the photoshoot. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the house, but if you’re able to occupy another area of the home away from where photos are being taken, that will be best. Since this isn’t always possible (especially for a full-home shoot), the most important thing is that you communicate with your photographer ahead of time where you plan to be.

Consider preparing a testimonial

If you had an incredible remodel experience and want other people to know about it, more power to you. Chances are, your builder team would love to feature you in a video testimonial about your remodel.

As fate would have it, the final photoshoot is an excellent time for you to do a video interview. Simply let your builder know that you’d like to provide a testimonial, and they’ll make sure the photographer works that into the shooting schedule. 

A sample testimonial video. This could be you!

You won’t need to prepare ahead of time. We’ll ask you some easy questions about your project and let you answer. The most important thing is that you be honest and genuine on camera. 

What is the process of a final remodel photoshoot?

The photoshoot itself should require very little involvement or effort on your part. Once the photographer sets up and goes to work, you shouldn’t need to do anything. However, there is some important information for you to consider when preparing for the shoot.

When will the photoshoot happen?

The final remodel photoshoot takes place after the build is complete. Our team typically tries to do the photoshoot within a few days of completion, but it could be a few weeks depending on the circumstances. 

If your remodel is entirely internal, the photoshoot can happen at any time of the day. If some of the work was on the exterior of the home, the photographer will likely want to photograph the remodel during golden hour. This is the hour immediately after sunrise or before sunset when sunlight is softer, making outdoor photography much easier.

The shoot will take a minimum of one hour, but could take as long as four. Smaller, more contained jobs, such as a bathroom remodel, are usually quick. Whole-home remodels and additions are more likely to take longer.

Shooting exterior photos depends on which direction the house faces.
• East-facing properties — Morning is the best time to shoot
• West-facing properties — Afternoon is great
•North-facing properties — Any time between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is ideal
•South-facing properties — You’ll want to take photos first thing in the morning or last thing in the day

What happens during the photoshoot?

When the photographer arrives, their first step will be to prepare the space to be photographed. This usually involves cleaning, organizing, and arranging any out-of-place objects or furniture. Once the room is staged, they may set up some lighting equipment and begin taking photos.

Most photographers will work from large to small scale when photographing a home. Wide-angle, full-room shots come first, then specific areas of interest, and finally, fine details. If your remodel involved more than one room, expect the photographer to work their way through the house, beginning with the largest or most important room. 

What happens after the photoshoot?

It can take up to a few weeks for the photographer to fully sort, process, and edit the photos from your remodel. The larger the project, the more photos they’ll have to go through. If you’d like an electronic copy of the photos, your builder will send them to you once they’re ready so you can show your friends and family. You might even catch a few photos of the job on your builder’s website.

Happy with your remodel? Share it with your friends!

So, now you know what to expect from your final remodel photoshoot. To get an idea of how your photos might turn out, take a look at our work portfolio, where you can find examples of previous projects’ final photos.

Did you love your remodel experience with Lamont Bros? If so, consider leaving us a review. It’s one of the best ways to help other homeowners just like you find our team.

Featured photo by Ailbhe Flynn on Unsplash