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South Portland Basement Remodel

South Portland Basement Remodel Finished Basement Family Room & Home Office for A Growing Family After the owners of this South Portland craftsman bungalow home welcomed a new baby, they quickly realized the home they loved was no longer big enough to meet their needs. Rather than move, they decided to hire our team at…

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Basement Remodel Cost Breakdown

A basement remodel can be an exciting step for homeowners looking to expand their living space or add a unique touch to their home. Yet, for many, the most pressing question is not about the design or the end result, but rather, “How much will this remodel cost?” Understanding the cost breakdown of a basement…

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Irvington Basement Remodel

Irvington Basement Remodel Expanded Living Space for Historic Portland Home The homeowner’s decision to renovate the basement in this 1908 home in Portland’s historic Irvington district stemmed from a combination of factors. With ample space in their large home, they recognized a need for a dedicated family gathering area, which was missing. In particular, they…

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Northeast Portland Basement Remodel

Northeast Portland Basement Remodel Featured Image

Northeast Portland Basement Remodel Basement Conversion to Home Office & Media Room After 20 years of living in this 1913 craftsman-style home in Northeast Portland, the homeowners decided it was time to remodel their basement. They knew that they wanted to increase the living space in their home to accommodate for changes in their lifestyle,…

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How to Add Space to Your Home Without Doing an Addition

Every homeowner at some point contemplates the age-old question: how can I get more space out of my home? Whether you’re craving a new home office, a dedicated play area for the kids, or just some extra room to breathe, the first thought that might cross your mind is to build an addition. But the…

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Can I Remove a Structural Post in My House?

Structural posts serve an important role in maintaining the integrity of your home, but they can also get in the way. For many homeowners, structural posts make it difficult to use their space the way they want. As a result, many wonder if it’s possible to remove a post from their house. As one of…

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